Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Using Digital Tech Coupons for Added Savings.

Do you know what a coupon is? well a coupon is traditionally viewed as a snippet of paper that one receives that entitles the holder to a reduced price or discount on a selected items that would under normal conditions be at a set price. Wonderful idea right?
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What once was?

Well with the advent of the digital age coupons were placed on the back burner, as most at home moms and bargain hunters use to get there coupons from magazine subscriptions and news papers by clipping the coupons from the pages.

Coupons are making a comeback digitally

Seeing everything is going digital coupons have once again taken the center stage and its possible to get from simple to hefty discounts on popular items if you know where to look for them. For example Amazon gives discounts through coupons on a number of items. However most readers do not take the time to learn the ropes and as a side effect most coupons go Un-clipped on the Amazon website.

Where can I find great Tech coupons and more?

Well all the coups I mentioned earlier can be found here. I have taken the liberty of linking to Amazon's tech coupons but if you look in the subcategories to the left of the page you will find coupons for almost all items you can think to buy.

How much Can I save?

Saving vary and you can save anywhere between $5-$50 bucks on a given item and up to 10% or more at any given time.Deals update on a daily basis, the trick is to see what being offered and grab the discounts when they match up to your shopping interests.

How does this work?

When you see a coupon on a item you want to purchase simply clip the coupon and on checkout the discount will be subtracted from the total of your purchase, when used correctly you can save allot. This is especially true on major holidays such as Black Friday,Christmas and Cyber Monday and much more.

The specified item however needs to be added to your cart and checked out in the time frame that the coupon is in circulation. So if you clip a coupon it does not last forever so check these often you can find the coupons section here.

Why haven't I heard about these great deals before?

Well for one Amazon offers many deals and discounts to its shoppers, however many do not take the time to explore the store and all it has to offer. There are many more ways to save and bargain hunt on Amazon and this is just one of them.
Let me teach you how to bargain hunt and save up to 50%.

Whats the Catch?

There is no catch these coupons are totally and absolutely free, the trick however is utilize them before they are gown as they are in rotation and get push out by newer codes. There are literally thousands of coups just waiting to be claimed and the sad fact is most typical users do not know about these coupons deals.

Tips and tricks of the Trade

If  you think you could just search for a coupon then think again! you will have to manually search for these bad boys. But do not be daunted by the task its much more fun than you may think. While there is no search feature for coupons intentionally simply use the categories as can be seen on the left to narrow down your searches:

Free Amazon Savings Coupons

The Coupons can be narrowed down as you can see to almost any category you can think of. So simply choose your interest and browse to find the coupon you are looking for.

Do not know where to start, the best place would be to look at the top coupons or most popular this is a great way to find out what others are clipping on a daily and capitalize on this. 

You can use recently clipped to see what you have clipped in the past and keep track of your activity.

After selecting a category you can use the "sort by" at the top of a subcategory to filter coupons by: Newest, oldest to expiring soon this is invaluable in finding out if some deals are on there way out or not.

I have used coupons to gain valuable deals on items. It may only seem like dollars at first but I have found that they add up over time and lead to great savings that when you keep up with it you can end up saving hundreds of dollars in no time. Think of it like a dripping pipe, it seems insignificant but soon after you realize if you leave it long enough the water builds up.

I would also recommend that you bookmark the link to the deals section so you can find it again easily as its buried deep within amazon. So if you miss it before you may click here and bookmark the page for future reference click here.

So I hope this tip has and will save you allot the next time you shop at the Internets biggest retailer and let us know what you thin and do come back for more great deals and tips in the future to get the best deals on the Internet.

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