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This section contains "Super Deals" that can be found @, we scour Amazon on a daily basis so you do not have to,bring you top quality items at the best prices.Note price may fluctuate a bit and bargains will last as long as supplies last so check back often. To find deals like these and more learn how to here.

ASUS VivoBook X200CA-DB01T 11.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop

Laptop under $300 deal
Asus VivoBook X200CA

Usually the world touchscreen and affordable do not go hand in hand however Asus has managed to create a very affordable touch screen device that's cheaper than any other on the market. See the full review here.

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Western Digital WD 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive
WD My Passport 1 TB Portable Hard Drive with USB 3.0 Support
Western digital has done it again with this compact and highly portable 1 Terabyte highly portable storage unit that is ideal for storing your precious: Videos, photos,music, documents and other important media.Effortlessly transport your files between computers and best of all if windows goes down you are covered.

ASUS K200MA-DS01T 11.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop

touch laptop deals under $350
Asus K200MA

Just when you though Asus could not top its affordable model the X200CA, they release the K200MA which is a little bit more pricey but still a super deal considering you are receiving a touch enabled device.

Asus 1015E-DS01 Laptop
Price: $$$

super deals amazon
Asus 1015E-D01
Owning a good Laptop or Netbook does not necessarily means breaking the bank as deals on affordable units can be found at any price point, the trick is knowing where to look.

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SanDisk Ultra 32 GB Micro SD 
super deals amazon
32 GB MicroSD
Treat your tablet or smart phone to a 32 gig!! Micro SD Memory Card that will have you storing tuns of your favorite media for playback on the ride to work or at that long wait for that important appointment.The big question is now will your battery last as long as the amount of  fun stuff you will be able to capture or record? and not will I be able to store it.


D-Link Wireless N150 Broadband router

super deals amazon
D-link Wireless N150  
A good wireless broadband router does not necessarily mean you have to sell a harm and a leg for it. See the D-link wireless N150 from the company that makes some of the most effective and reliable routers around.

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Cooler Master Elite 430 - Mid Tower Case.

super deals amazon
The Elite 430
In the market for a Mid tower case? Need one for that new build or maybe you just need to give that gaming rig a face lift, well see the Mid tower from cooler master that's not only cool looking but also boast some premium features to be found on high end gaming rig chassis.

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Alldaymall 7 inch Tablet 
Price: $
super deals amazon
Whats wrong with it? is probably your first instinct at that price, but do not just brush this one under the carpet see why this unit could be your kids next tablet or the perfect birthday gift that not only affordable but packs a punch to boot.
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