Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Most Ridiculously expensive Items on Amazon.com for the Uber-Rich.

most expensive thing on Amazon
Diddy says it best.
OK have you ever wondered what is the craziest amount of   mullah ($$) you would throw down on any given item? Well here is some of the most expensive thing on Amazon that money can buy along with the link to the items in question. Believe me these prices are legit and are no joke, so here they are, for your entertainment:

#1 Potato Chips Green Onion 4.75 (20 Pack)

most expensive thing on amazon
Green Onion Potato Chips
I think I have slipped into an alternative dimension similar to the flash in: "Justice League flash point paradox" in which potato chips cost 1K per twenty pack. At these prices these better blow someones mind or I will.
This listed price as seen by the screen shot must have been a mistake or a joke as these are some very expensive chips.

#2: Mott's Original Apple Sauce - Case Pack 90 SKU-PAS678805.

most expensive thing on amazon
Mott's Apple Sauce

I think we all should part take of these at least once before we die and live a little. This is the junk food version of caviar and I would love to know the reason behind the 3K US price tag. This is really one of the most  expensive thing on Amazon to date, considering this is just apple sauce.

#3: Namiki Emperor Rabbit In Moonlight Fountain Pen.

most expensive thing on amazon
Namiki Emperor Fountain Pen
I should add this item to my wish list as this purchase will never happen. I think at 6K US dollars this pen will never run out of ink, inspire me to write Hollywood multi-million dollar black busters and provide me with the occasional pleasure of tasting like lickerish when I chew on it.

#4: Sony XBR-84X900 84-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D LED UHDTV.

most expensive thing on amazon
Sony 4K Ultra HD 3D LED TV

Luckily this TV is 4k or I might have brought it back to the store,as a plus its also 84 inches. This must be the king of all TV sets @ 250K on Amazon. I bet you guys are comparing sizes right now, well this TV set is bigger.

It seems I need to get into the professional digital film making industry or better yet the sale of its produts as there seems to be a killing to be made with some of the most insane prices I have ever seen on a simple Video camera lens such as the Hasselblad Telephoto 210mm Lens. Think about it, would you spend 46K on a camera or video camera lens? I hardly think so, but there seems to be quite the market for such high end lenses.

most expensive thing on amazon
Zenith Men's Xtreme Watch

You would have to be something special to afford the a Zenith watch@ 81K  and to boot you will not receive free shipping after shelling out the cash for this one. If you are this level of rich to purchase this watch you will have to pay an additional  $9.95 for shipping ouch!!. Whats more exclusive and funny than the price of this watch is the comments in the review section on amazon,which are not actually reviews but people joking around on the prices. I am very curious as to if Amazon has ever sold one of these babies. 

#7: Diamond HDMI Digital Audio/Video Cable W/ Ethernet Connection 5 meters.

most expensive thing on amazon

Diamond HDMI Cable
OK I will never take my simple HDMI cable for granted again and who would not want a Diamond HDMI cable? I hope the diamond marking is actually indicating that the cable is made of real diamonds, I would convince my girlfriend to get me one of these then strip it for the diamonds. She will however have to fork over 2K for the crown jewels.

#8: Zenith Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Men's Automatic Watch 96-0528-4035-21-M528.

most expensive thing on amazon
Zenith Defy Xtreme
OK I think Zenith might be unto something here as these watches are quite expensive-even more so expensive than the world renowned Rolex watches. This Zenith watch which defies belief, costs a whopping 112K us dollars, if I ever see one of these in the wild believe me its game on for the person wearing it. This time the seller has opted to include free shipping.

#9: Waterfall Audio "Niagara" Diamond Glass Floor Standing Loudspeakers - Pair.

most expensive thing on amazon
Waterfall Audio Diamond Glass Loudspeakers

My $100 bucks speaker set is all but looking crappy now compared to these beauties, until you check the price tag that is: 45K. Hope these are self upgrading and will never go out of style, has a infinite volume dial and can never become damaged.

#10:Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 APO EX DG Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens for Nikon DSLR Cameras.

most expensive thing on amazon
Sigma Ultra Telephoto Zoom Lens

I swore this was a Rocket Propelled grenade or RPG the first time I saw it, well your Nikon Camera is not complete without this handy accessory, be sure to carry it everyday as you and the family have fun this holiday season.  This beauty costs only: 25K  a bargain obviously. 

#11: AudioQuest NRG WEL Signature Series 6 Feet AC Power Cable.

most expensive thing on amazon
AudioQuest NRG 6 Feet AC Power Cable

So I would not want to see the audio output device to which this is connected. At this price point of 6K this cable should be kept as a family hairloom.

most expensive thing on amazon
KOHLER Comfort Elongated Toilet

This is by far the weirdest and most expensive toilet I have ever seen, if you consider buying this you can have a open house and put this on display @ the 4K price point that you are going to pay.

most expensive thing on amazon
James Barnes Double Lines Above X Canvas Print Art

Ok I have been staring at this painting for the last ten hours in attempt of figuring out the reasoning behind it's value, moreover I am beginning to loose my sanity as I try to figure if this is a joke. When I want a good laugh I just bounce over to Amazon and read the reviews. This bad boy can be purchased right now for the astonishing cost of 25M US (Yes that M is for Million) and since price is no object, it will cost you an additional : $358.40 for shipping, lets all pray we don't have to ship this internationally.

This item is hands down the most expensive thing on Amazon and I am sure you will agree with me on that.

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  1. This cannot be Real! Doesn't matter how much money you have to throw away, none of these items are not worth or excuse throwing money away.

    1. I totally agree but it makes you think doesn't it, especially the painting, why would the painter set the price that high? Guess if he sold one he would be set for life lol


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