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How to Bargain Hunt on Amazon and get items at up to 50% off or more.

save big amazon
They Stock literally everything under the Sun!

SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! is this even possible in today's economy, well I am here to tell you not only is it possible, but I have become a wiz at bargain hunting on Amazon.com. I can sniff a deal a mile away and like a blood hound hunt and bag that big item all while sipping my morning cup Joe. So whats the big secret? well its not a secret and its simpler than you think. They key is understanding the well oiled machine that is Amazon.com. So I am here to point out they keys ways to find the best deals on Amazon.com and get up to 50% or more in most cases. So here is the key to the kingdom:

Killer Tips:

#1 Today's Deals Category

The today's deals category is by far the easiest way to snag a good item at a very good price, the items in this category change often throughout the day so be sure to check this category consistently.The Today's daily deals section include: Gold Box Deals:-Deals of the day,Lightening Deals and other deals category. The link can be found here:
Today's daily deals

Gold Box Deals

Deal of the Day: The deal of the day is the first of the deals to be found in the Today's deals category. It includes a deal that will last for the day and this will change for each new day and is only available while supplies last.

Lightening Deals: As the name implies these deals go fast so be sure to look at whats upcoming or whats currently running, these change at two hour intervals throughout the day and there are several lightening deals running throughout the course of the day.

Other Best Deals: This is a wide variety of deals, amazon tend to add new items regularly and there are allot so be sure to surf the list often.


#2 Amazon warehouse deals (Open Box)

These are open box items or items that have been bought and returned to the store, yes I know what you are thinking and in most cases these items are in perfect condition and function and look as good as the new item ,no one will ever know. If there are major defects the third party wholesaler will make notes in the description so read before you buy and you should be good. At times items are returned due to the ignorance or lack of technical skills of the end user, so read and benefit from someone else blunder.

#3. Clip Coupons

Coupons similar to the coupons of old have found new digital life on amazon as you can clip the many coupons that amazon gives to earn a discount on your favorite items if you can find a coupon that is so be sure to check the coupon list often for your favorite items. Only clip a coupon when you know you are going to use it and also they do not last forever so read to see the expiration date.

save big amazon
Clip Coupon

get coupons here!!

#4 Buy items that are Manufacturer refurbished

Note I said Manufacturer Refurbished. These are items that have been restored to working condition by the manufacturer and as such they have to be marked as refurbished. In most cases these items look brand new and were pull from the manufacturing line because they were defective and because the repair is done by the manufacturer who replaces defective parts: you can just about call the item new. However by law the item is marked as refurbished and the price slashed. This tip is very lucrative tip that I have often used to get very good discounts especially on laptops.

save big amazon
Click to See Image
As you can see from the pic above, the difference in price is substantial and the item will function as good as new and in most cases refurbished items get more testing than new items and have a greater chance to work out of the box.

# 5 Always look at the options being offered by alternative sellers.

On Amazon if you were to click on the 59

save big amazon
A list of alternative Merchants or sellers would pop up

If you click on the number beside the "New", as seen above like all items on Amazon as seen above: you will come to realize that this will bring up a list of merchants often times they have better prices, but not always as Amazon tries to keep there in-house prices very competitive. Before buying from a merchant be sure to read and look at there traction score, buy from no merchant with less than a 90% positive feedback. Also read the description of the item before buying. Details can be found on any amazon seller by clicking on there store name.

#6 Add an item to your Cart  or Wish list
save big amazon

Beside each item is a wish list, by adding items to your wish list or adding them to the cart you will realise for wish list items amazon will email you to inform you of changes and developments. Better yet by adding an item to the cart whenever you check in the carts will update and tell you if the item price as change. Note price can either go up or down so check your lists often.

#7 Free Shipping From Amazon

Amazon in all there amazingness, if that a word, has marked millions of items that are "free to ship" to you, as long as the following criteria is met:

a. The item is sold by Amazon directly.
b. The item is marked as free to ship:
save big amazon
Click on pic to see!!
c. You the buyer purchase at least $25 bucks worth of items sold and shipped by Amazon.

You can tell if an item is sold by Amazon by reading the note beneath the price that says ships from, as long as it says its sold by or ships from Amazon then you are good to go. At checkout you will be told that the item qualify for Free Shipping. Be sure to choose the free shipping option at checkout as this might not be selected automatically, Hmm I wonder why? .

That's my seven (7) tips to have you snagging amazon deals and get some crazy discounts, they work for me and they can work for you, so head on over to Amazon and give your new found skills a test run.

For a Personal Selection of the best deals on Amazon.com using the above principles:see Our personally selected Super deals.

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