Friday, October 3, 2014

Get the Latest Version of PHOENIXCARD V3.09

PhoenixCard is a handy and invaluable tool or utility that allows you to burn a Android firmware unto a Micro SD card so that it becomes bootable and you can flash your Android device with a new Firmware or update.

This tool is often used in conjunction with a firmware file that can be downloaded else ware and is specific to your device and can be used to reformat or flash your Android device to fix issues such as your device freezing up or stuck on the Android boot logo when the device is starting up.

This tool will automatically make the firmware or Image file that you have chosen reformat or wipe your device.
Latest Version of PHOENIXCARD

Video Instructions

Written Directions on How to use PhoenixCard

1. Get your Micro SD card and connect it to your computer, be sure to format the SD card.
2. Download and extract the latest Version of PhoenixCard from below.
3. Open the PhoenixCard folder that you just extracted and launch the Green folder icon.
New Version of PHOENIXCARD
PhoenixCard User Interface

4. Where it says DiskCheck select the Micro SD Card from earlier from the drop down menu.
5.  Now simply Browse for the .IMG file that specific to your tablet or your tablets Firmware file.
6. Write Mode should be set to: Product.
7. Format the card to Normal in PhoenixCard then clear the notifications with the clear info button.
8.  Now you are ready to go so hit Burn and wait for the notification that says complete and remove the MicroSD card.
9. Place the MicroSD Card into your device allow it to boot and format your device.
10. When completed remove the MicroSD card and your device should bootup just fine.

Download the Latest Edition of PhoenixCard

Download PHOENIXCARD V3.09 :
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Get the Older Version:
PhoenixCard 3.06


  1. Ricardo I have a iRulu Tablet , it stuck at this point where it says Android and not continuous, eh followed your ideas and am confused with the firmware , look uncap the tablet and microchip says: Rockchip RK2926 , I want to know if I can install it without some concern ?.

    1. You can go ahead and try the one used with my Tablet it may work, the best thing to do however would be to Google your:Rockchip RK2926 firmware and try to find a .IMG file for it that's compatible. I searched:Rockchip RK2926.img and found some firmwares that may be compatible and use the flashing method above.
      Let me know how this turns out for you.

  2. Do you know what the pass word for the firmware is

    1. Sorry when I used this to fix my tablet there was no password, the files for the firmware are not hosted by me, any questions about passwords should be directed at the admin at the download website I am sure he will provide it as he made and is hosting the firmware. Sorry about that.

  3. Hi Ricardo, how do I find firmware for GC12-007? no brand on the tablet?

    1. Use the link that leads to the other firmware files and use the search on the website to find the specific firmware, or simply Google your firmware to find a download link once it matches the supported file type of Phoenixcard it will flash the file.

  4. thank you so much for this


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