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Amazon Fire HD 6 Review

The Amazon Fire HD 6 Starts at less than $100 dollars and is by far the smallest tablet to date on offer by the retail giant Amazon and one of the cheapest tablets that you can get in this price and performance range. The big question however that is on everyone's mind is that: Is this tablet any Good or will I be wasting my hard earned cash investing in one? Well to make your conclusion you will need to read on.

Amazon Fire HD 6
Amazon Fire HD 6

The Amazon Fire HD 6 at first Glance

The HD 6 is small and compact which makes it perfect for one handed operations. Right off the bat if you are familiar with Amazon tablets you will notice the HD 6 from Amazon is sporting a new design. The body is made from reinforced plastic with the Amazon logo branded across the back with its tapered edges.


The upper portions features  the headphone jack, Microphone pinhole, Micro USB port and power button. Towards the left is the volume rocker up and down and towards the bottom are no connections except the speaker grill.

As was highlighted before one handed operation is great but at 1.6 lbs compared to most of today's top offerings you might find this a bit on the heavy side especially if you are accustomed to other tablets in this size range.

Hardware & Software Performance 

Inside the Amazon Fire HD 6 is a 1.5 GHz quad core processor, 1 gig of RAM and depending on your choice  it comes in 8 and 16 gigs internal storage capacities. On Board is the new Amazon Sangria operating system and very similar to Amazons last version of this operating system. This means a intuitive and easy to use experience that's pretty straight forward.

General Performance

With everyday operations such as checking emails and browsing the web the HD6 performs buttery smooth and you should have no issues in this regard. On loading certain apps such as Books it can take a little while to respond with a few kinks that were hardly noticeable here and there.

While the 8 Gigs is limited in its capacity Amazon is hoping that you will use its cloud storage feature that will greatly extend your storage and even in the 16 gig model. Also do not hope for local extenable memory options such as SDCards as they are not supported, so be prepared to move files between Amazon cloud service and your device.

The Screen and Video Performance 

Movies will look stunning on the 6 inch 1280 x 800 HD LCD screen, text is very clear and easy to read which is something that we have sort of come to expect from Amazon devices, the screen has one flaw however there is no auto brightness feature built in so screen adjustment must be done manually.

The Cameras

Amazon Fire HD 6


There are two cameras a front and a rear facing one, the front facing VGA camera is fuzzy at beast and is nothing to write home about. Its the bear minimum in a camera to actually allow for video calls and such. The rear 2 Mega Pixel Camera is ...well its only 2 Mega Pixels so don't expect miracles or a major step up from the front unit.   Pictures taken by the camera look somewhat washed out and have a blue haze to them on close observation. Overall it does the job but its not the worlds best cameras.

Why should I Buy the HD 6?

Its extremely compact and easy to use  with one hand, ideal for those looking for an affordable tablet that's ideal for those who are buisy and need a table that highly portabe and can be easily use on the go then this is a great option for you to purchase.

Why I should get it:

1. Great Price.
2. New form factor of 6 inches
3. Highly portable and great for on the go use.
4. Works great as a one handed device for convenience.

Things that might change your mind on getting this:

1. No auto screen brightness.
2. No local support for extending memory by MicrSD cards, only cloud support.
3. Camera quality gets the Job done but not overly good.


You can always check here for the best prices which are below the $100 mark and more information. 

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