Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PC Games No sound FIX

I am sure you are here today out of share frustration as you have installed a new PC game only to have the sound not work or work only partially. This no sound issue can occur in any Game and happens either at a point in Games or at the very start, this includes in intro video sequences as well.

You may loose audio or sound totally or the Game starts with Audio and then it cuts out. In some cases you even have background sound but no dialogue or you cannot hear what characters are saying.I have personally seen this issue allot of times so let me assist you with a relatively easy fix for this issue for Windows users.

How to Fix No sound Issues in Games?

PC Games No sound FIX


To fix such a issue you will need to:

1. Go to your computers Audio control Manager such as Realtek or another brand based on your computer.
2. Under speaker configuration set the mode to Stereo, and make sure that the front left and right speakers are being used.
3. Go back to your Game and this will most likely bring back the Audio to full working condition.

As an alternative you can do the same thing by right clicking on volume control and going to Playback devices. Then selecting your speakers with the green tick and selecting configure and then selecting stereo and front left and right from the next screen and finishing the setup which will give you the same effects as above of restoring your Games Audio.

This will not work in all cases but in most cases where you are having issues in a PC Game you should try this to actually get your Audio problems fixed.

If you have found that this has worked for a particular Game please share the name of the Game in the comments to let other users know to save them valuable time in fixing such an issue.
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Friday, May 1, 2015

Graphics Card Artifacts Fix

If you have a Graphics card and you decide to hold unto it for a very long time one of two things will happen eventually and that is either the card will totally die on you or it will start to develop issues such as Graphics card Artifacts.

 Graphics Card Artifacts

These artifacts are so named because they are strange pixilations that appear on screen which makes using your computer impossible. Also your graphics drivers may also randomly crash and recover. The issue happens because of an unstable Video cards that's showing its age. It should also be noted that the issue of Video card Artifacts may occur with Video cards that are overclocked and that have become unstable because of settings that the card cannot run at a stable state.

How to Fix  Graphics Card Artifacts?

Well the truth is a bitter one, so here it is: you will need to change your video card very soon and any solution offered here will only be a temporary remedy so you would do well to use the time and get a new and affordable video card.

1. You can try upping the voltage on the card, this has know to make unstable cards stable once more.You can achieve this by your GPU's management software.
2. If you are overclocked return to defaults settings and you will be good once more.
3. Try changing the thermal compound or increasing the GPU fan speed to help with cooling.
4. Since the card is already dying you can attempt to reflow the solder on the card by mending the broken path ways by baking the card, some users have reported they were able to revive their cards with this crazy method. I recommend however that you try achieving this with a heat gun as you can control temperatures better.
5. If you are using a motherboard with the discrete on board graphics and not a video card the motherboard might be getting old and faulty.
6. Try updating your graphics card drivers, a unstable driver can cause all sorts of weird effects if you are lucky this might be the issue. 

I have personally seen the same issue arise in a three year old video card that I own and these are the actions that I have found to work best. I had to eventually replace the video card but this may be enough to buy you some time in between waiting for the new card to arrive.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Find files on Android for Android file transfer on your computer

If you have ever been in the Android file system you will quickly realize its not the easiest place to navigate especially when you are trying to find key files that you may need to locate to perform a Android file transfer on your computer, for example trying to find My Pictures Folder to back up your Gallery Pictures to your PC.

In today article we are going to guide you through finding the most important locations in the Android file system.
How to find your Way around the Android File System?
Find Files directly on the Android File System

How to Find Gallery Pictures and Videos in the Android File System?

To find your Gallery Pictures go to:
1. Internal Storage or local storage (For those on your Phone directly) 
2. Find a folder marked DCIM
3. Find Camera and all your pictures will be located here along with your video files.

OR for SD Card:

1. Go to SD Card, then DCIM folder.
2. Camera folder and that's it.

Find WhatsApp Pictures

Whats App pictures are downloaded to your Gallery by default but a separate copy is also kept in a sent folder within WhatsApp that you can retrieve:

1. Local storage if the App is directly on your phone
2. Find WhatsApp folder.
3. Media and now if you select WhatsApp images you can see what pictures you received or the ones that you have sent in a sent folder. Even if the pictures were deleted from Gallery or from WhatsApp they will still be here.

WhatsApp Video and voice notes contain the audio and so on that were sent or received in WhatsApp also.

Find Screen Captures

If you create a screen capture then you can find it in:

1. Device storage or internal storage.
2. Pictures Folder and find screenshots and inside are all your screen shots you have taken.

Find downloads Folder

Downloads folder is located in Local Storage and a folder marked downloads, your files will be inside.

Note that you can find any file normally by browsing to the Local storage root directory of the phone and looking for a folder with a name of the App that created it and simply open that folder and browse for what you are looking for unless its been given another name or hidden.    

Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to remove write protection from SD card?

In today's article I would love to teach you how to remove write protection from SD card, this is a common problem where users of SD cards insert them into a computer, Laptop or other digital gadget to find that they cannot write any data to the card. It can become frustrating having a SD card that you cannot use because you are getting the warning that its Write Protected.

What is Write protect?

Write Protection is a feature used on SD cards and other forms of digital storage which protects the storage device by preventing new data from been written to the drive. So people often enable the feature when they have something on a drive that they do not want erased or they don't want accidentally deleted.


  • Protects your data by avoiding accidental deletion or been overwritten.

How to remove write protection from a SD Card?

how to remove write protection from sd card
Slide the tab above the 2GB up as seen above

To remove the write protection from a SD card all you will need to do is:

1. Hold the SD card upright so that you can read the label.
2. Look on the left side of the card you will notice a small harrow pointing down and the marking lock written there along with a small plastic movable sliding tab.
3.  Slide the Tab from the down position (locked) to up which will remove the SD card write protect.
4. That's it simple right?

Method 2

Now if the above does not solve the issue then try the following:
1. Insert the memory card into the computer.
2. Go to My computer, find the SD card that you inserted.
3. Right click and choose Format then select quick format
Note: This will erase all data from the SD card including the data related to the write protect
4. When the format is complete the write protect should be removed and you can write data freely to your SD card.

I hope you were able to format your SD card it not a nice feeling being unable to use a SD card when Write protect is enabled and you do not know how it was enable or by who, but now you know how to disable it and even how to use it should you need the feature.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Amazon Fire HD 6 Review

The Amazon Fire HD 6 Starts at less than $100 dollars and is by far the smallest tablet to date on offer by the retail giant Amazon and one of the cheapest tablets that you can get in this price and performance range. The big question however that is on everyone's mind is that: Is this tablet any Good or will I be wasting my hard earned cash investing in one? Well to make your conclusion you will need to read on.

Amazon Fire HD 6
Amazon Fire HD 6

The Amazon Fire HD 6 at first Glance

The HD 6 is small and compact which makes it perfect for one handed operations. Right off the bat if you are familiar with Amazon tablets you will notice the HD 6 from Amazon is sporting a new design. The body is made from reinforced plastic with the Amazon logo branded across the back with its tapered edges.


The upper portions features  the headphone jack, Microphone pinhole, Micro USB port and power button. Towards the left is the volume rocker up and down and towards the bottom are no connections except the speaker grill.

As was highlighted before one handed operation is great but at 1.6 lbs compared to most of today's top offerings you might find this a bit on the heavy side especially if you are accustomed to other tablets in this size range.

Hardware & Software Performance 

Inside the Amazon Fire HD 6 is a 1.5 GHz quad core processor, 1 gig of RAM and depending on your choice  it comes in 8 and 16 gigs internal storage capacities. On Board is the new Amazon Sangria operating system and very similar to Amazons last version of this operating system. This means a intuitive and easy to use experience that's pretty straight forward.

General Performance

With everyday operations such as checking emails and browsing the web the HD6 performs buttery smooth and you should have no issues in this regard. On loading certain apps such as Books it can take a little while to respond with a few kinks that were hardly noticeable here and there.

While the 8 Gigs is limited in its capacity Amazon is hoping that you will use its cloud storage feature that will greatly extend your storage and even in the 16 gig model. Also do not hope for local extenable memory options such as SDCards as they are not supported, so be prepared to move files between Amazon cloud service and your device.

The Screen and Video Performance 

Movies will look stunning on the 6 inch 1280 x 800 HD LCD screen, text is very clear and easy to read which is something that we have sort of come to expect from Amazon devices, the screen has one flaw however there is no auto brightness feature built in so screen adjustment must be done manually.

The Cameras

Amazon Fire HD 6


There are two cameras a front and a rear facing one, the front facing VGA camera is fuzzy at beast and is nothing to write home about. Its the bear minimum in a camera to actually allow for video calls and such. The rear 2 Mega Pixel Camera is ...well its only 2 Mega Pixels so don't expect miracles or a major step up from the front unit.   Pictures taken by the camera look somewhat washed out and have a blue haze to them on close observation. Overall it does the job but its not the worlds best cameras.

Why should I Buy the HD 6?

Its extremely compact and easy to use  with one hand, ideal for those looking for an affordable tablet that's ideal for those who are buisy and need a table that highly portabe and can be easily use on the go then this is a great option for you to purchase.

Why I should get it:

1. Great Price.
2. New form factor of 6 inches
3. Highly portable and great for on the go use.
4. Works great as a one handed device for convenience.

Things that might change your mind on getting this:

1. No auto screen brightness.
2. No local support for extending memory by MicrSD cards, only cloud support.
3. Camera quality gets the Job done but not overly good.


You can always check here for the best prices which are below the $100 mark and more information.