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Dirt Cheap Amazon add-on items.

Amazon add-on items
Great bargains at an even greater prices

Have you ever wondered what an Amazon add-on item is? Well to save you a little research, an Amazon add-on item is Amazons way of providing it's valued customers with simple, cheap and yet affordable items that can be added to an existing order to push your order's total over the threshold to qualify for free shipping. So with that in mind Amazon add-on items are not only affordable, they are also very useful items that can make your shopping experience more fun and rewarding by picking up functional items that saves you the money that would otherwise be spent on shipping, it's a win win in any situation. You would be bonkers to pass up on a chance like this.

How to use Amazon Add-on Items?

Simple, shop on Amazon as usual and in order to qualify for free shipping your order needs to be a minimum of $35 bucks in most cases and if your order falls just short of the $35 mark, what do you do?

Solution: Add add-on items similar to those we have listed below until your  total order reaches the predefined free shipping total of $35.

Note: all  items bought have to be sold or shipped by Amazon to qualify for free shipping.

Our Selection of the best Amazon Add-on items

Amazon add-on items
Add-on item Mini USB Cooling Fan
For an attractive low cost of Just a few bucks add the Mini USB cooling fan to your cart, which is designed to cool your laptop, Netbooks and Notebooks up to 15 inches in size. Never allow your portable computer to overheat on you again, as you lay it on a bed or in the couch while you read or surf the internet.

Magnesium Fire Starter

Amazon add-on items
Add-on item Magnesium Fire starter
Going camping or in a pinch every now and again that requires that you start a fire of some sort? Well this handy fire starter is ideal to ignite those flames.

Data Transfer Cable

Amazon add-on items
Add-on item Data Transfer cable
Need to transfer data between two computers effortlessly? Then cut through the red-tape and  grab the Maxell Data Transfer cable as a cheap yet very useful add-on item to move those large files super-fast for backup before a reformat or simply to share them. Works on PC/Mac, laptops, Netbooks or Notebooks you choose.

Golden Heart USB Flash Drive

Amazon add-on items
Golden Heart Flash drive Add-on item

Looks too good to be a USB Flash drive, the Golden Heart Shaped Crystal Jewelry USB Flash Memory Drive doubles as a great value for you as:  a data storage unit and a beautiful necklace that you can wear around your neck and no one would be the wiser as to the fact that you are packing a  USB flash drive.

Hamilton Beach Blender

Amazon add-on items
Hamilton Beach Blender Add-on item
Featuring a one (1)  or two (2) jar model, the Hamilton Beach Blender comes in five basic colors of : Black, white, red and green respectively. This blender is the perfect add-on item not only because it's very affordable and a best seller, but also because it's small, portable and a convenient device for creating the perfect smoothie on the fly.
Ever thought of creating a drink and cannot be bothered to break out that big and clunky blender? With this inexpensive Hamilton beach model the problem is easily solved due to its minimalistic size.

Cheap Add-on items
The perfect pint size blender

Scotch Magic Tape

Amazon add-on items
So good it's almost magic

No home is complete without a handy roll of Scotch tape lying around. Simply put scotch tape is a life saver for mending things that are torn or broken such as letters, best of all they can be written on with your favorite sharpy marker, so toss that label maker aside.

Chances are if you have something that will break Scotch tape can hold it together and best of all this variety is so good it's almost like Magic.

This concludes our list of super useful and affordable Amzon add-on items that can be found on Amazon to push your order into qualifying for free shipping, so what did you think of our list?

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