Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to remove write protection from SD card?

In today's article I would love to teach you how to remove write protection from SD card, this is a common problem where users of SD cards insert them into a computer, Laptop or other digital gadget to find that they cannot write any data to the card. It can become frustrating having a SD card that you cannot use because you are getting the warning that its Write Protected.

What is Write protect?

Write Protection is a feature used on SD cards and other forms of digital storage which protects the storage device by preventing new data from been written to the drive. So people often enable the feature when they have something on a drive that they do not want erased or they don't want accidentally deleted.


  • Protects your data by avoiding accidental deletion or been overwritten.

How to remove write protection from a SD Card?

how to remove write protection from sd card
Slide the tab above the 2GB up as seen above

To remove the write protection from a SD card all you will need to do is:

1. Hold the SD card upright so that you can read the label.
2. Look on the left side of the card you will notice a small harrow pointing down and the marking lock written there along with a small plastic movable sliding tab.
3.  Slide the Tab from the down position (locked) to up which will remove the SD card write protect.
4. That's it simple right?

Method 2

Now if the above does not solve the issue then try the following:
1. Insert the memory card into the computer.
2. Go to My computer, find the SD card that you inserted.
3. Right click and choose Format then select quick format
Note: This will erase all data from the SD card including the data related to the write protect
4. When the format is complete the write protect should be removed and you can write data freely to your SD card.

I hope you were able to format your SD card it not a nice feeling being unable to use a SD card when Write protect is enabled and you do not know how it was enable or by who, but now you know how to disable it and even how to use it should you need the feature.

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