Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to find free & legal images to use in Blog posts and YouTube videos.

Free images for Blogs
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When I first started blogging and creating YouTube content one of the most annoying things I encountered was that I could not find royalty free pictures that I could use in my Blog Posts or in my YouTube videos legally. Worst of all if I needed ones that I wanted to modify to meet my needs it was another issues all together.You should know what I mean fully as at the end of the day you do not want to get sued or in trouble with Google for stealing copyrighted content unknowingly.  

I am here to show you how to find  free & legal high quality images to use in your blog posts that are totally free and where indicated can be modified in a Photo editing program to meet your needs all in one convenient place.

Creative Commons

Free images for Blogs

Now if you have not heard of it trust me when I say that Creativecommons.org should be your friend when it comes to finding free to use pictures and other media for commercial reuse purposes or that you may want to modify in any way.

Creative Commons provides a free search engine that organizes content from the webs best sources for royalty free to use pictures and other media such as: Google Images, Flickr, Wikimedia commons, YouTube and much more all in one convenient place.

What is Creative commons exactly?  

They are a non-profit body dedicated to building the pool of creative works available so other can build up on them and share legally.
Long and short is that you can actually get free pictures among other media that in the public domain that you can use without fear of being sued (Be Sure however to check that the media that is being used e.g. A picture is under a CC license).  

How do I get these Free to use Pictures and Media?

Simple follow this link to the CC search page where you can search their extensive database for pictures and media.

Free images for Blogs
CC Search

For images I suggest that you check the box that says Google images and search. Be warned that simply going to Google and setting search to images is not the same thing. If you need other media or pictures you can try the other options.

And be Sure to read the information on the website to educate yourself on creative commons.

 So what do you think readers,what’s your source of free images and other media for your YouTube and blog posts?


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