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Top Ten (10) TV Series You should be watching Right Now Guaranteed to satisfy your movie watching appetite.

Top 10 series
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With the TV industry turning out shows faster than you can watch them its becoming increasingly difficult to tell good Television series that will not only avoid wasting your precious time, but also engage and keep you entertained for the time you will be sprawled out on the couch. So for your viewing pleasure we have compiled a list of the top series you should be either watching on TV, streaming through a Amazon Instant Video or which ever source that feeds your hunger for media.

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Top 10 series
Game of Thrones
#1: Game of Thrones:-The Game of Thrones series follows the ever evolving power struggle that exist between the five(5)  main kingdoms and there struggle to attain the Iron throne. The series follows the exploits of several influential characters you will come to love and those you will hate, each with there individual style and talents. In this series you will be taken on a journey with more twists and nail biting moments than you can shake a stick at, that will have you shouting at the TV-set guaranteed. You will be dying at the end of each episode to watch the next one in the series.
Stream the series or the trailer here @ Amazon.

Top 10 series
Breaking Bad
#2 Breaking Bad: Are criminal masterminds made or are they born from life's circumstances? Well follow the rise of Walter White who seems at first as a boring High School Chemistry Teacher with nothing much going on. See Walter as he rise through the ranks and becomes one of the greatest meth kingpins this world will ever see, call him Heisenberg.
See one of the Greatest series of all time unfold here from the beginning.

Top 10 series

#3:Sherlock:We all know the classic story of Sherlock Holmes, we enjoyed it as kids growing up or watching the classic moves, well this is not those classic movies . See what would happen if Sherlock Holmes was born in the 21st century as a eccentric genius with a IQ that would make Albert Einstein blush.
Follow Sherlock Holmes and Watson as they solves some of the toughest crimes that the modern age has to offer that will keep you guessing from the start to the very end.

Top 10 series
House of Cards

#4: House of Cards: Have you ever wondered what politicians do all day on capital hill? Well I hope its nothing like this gripping drama that follows the story of Francis Underwood a man on a mission to rise through the ranks, but he is cheated out of is hard earned position as: Secretary of state that he was promised, see Francis as he plots what can only be described as one of the greatest schemes to exact his revenge and land and even bigger position than the one he was cheated out of.
Follow Francis and is rise here.

Top 10 series
Persons of Interest
#5: Persons of Interest: The new bus word in surveillance is PRISM, a CIA run program that is making headlines in the real world, but see the series that called it first!This series shot long before the PRISM news follows a fictitious story of a Secret agent who has gown rogue and looses is purpose and will to live, See as he is befriended by Finch a Tech Genius who reveals to him a mass surveillance system that spies on every one in the wold and has the ability to even predict event before they happen. There Job-To stop the bad guys who are attempting to hurt the targets that the Artificial Intelligence(AI) identifies as being in trouble, the catch is the only thing they have to go on is a social security number and very little else.

See this great series that is sure to entice Techies here.

Top 10 series
#6: Suits: Lawyers can be fun too, see Harvey and Mike as they pull off some of the craziest wins and upsets in legal cases they face at the firm they are employed. This is not a law and order look alike but a creative and Imaginative story based around two of the best characters to ever be conceived by the minds in Hollywood. The punch line is that Mike who is practicing Law is not truly a lawyer,actually he never even went to law school. See how he must keep his secret while he uses is skills to continue to win cases with Harvey, will they be able to do it? or will they be found out and the house will come crashing down?
Find out here.
Top 10 series
#7: Arrow:We all know the story of super hero the Green Arrow, see the retelling of this classic super hero story in the new century. See Oliver Quinn as he moves from a ordinary man to one of the coolest super heroes without a super power since Batman.
You can watch the series here.

Top 10 series
#8: Dexter: If you saw a serial killer would you know? Well this serial killer works for the Miami Metro Police and the catch is that Dexter while he is a serial killer, he only kills bad guys. See the life of one of the most unique characters we have seen in while in the movie industry here.

Top 10 series

#9 Elementary: is another Sherlock Holmes spin off, whiles its another telling this one puts a true twist to the story as its set in America, Think CSI meets Sherlock Homes and it will paint a true picture of this series. This one is not a copy cat, but a very interesting take on the Sherlock Holmes concept and a very good watch.

Top 10 series
Terra Nova

#10 Terra Nova: is a SyFy series that is set in the future and shows mankind in a state were they have almost over exploited the planets resources and in order to save themselves from certain doom they have Sent exploration teams back into the past to a Colony they have established called Terra Nova. See the dangers and adventures that awaits them there.
See it here.

Which of these series is your favorite, Did you discover your next major series that you love here? lets us know below in the comments.

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