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Guide to making your first $1 online fast and potentially generating an infinite Passive Income stream.

Passive Income
Passive Income Streams

Is it actually possible to earn an income online? Or is it simply another internet myth propagated by those seeking to make a quick buck? And even if you can earn an income, is it anything significant?

Well to put it plainly in answering all the questions you might have similar to the ones stated above, the answer is yes. It's quite possible to make a healthy income all from the comfort of your own home or apartment and best of all this can be done from anywhere in the world, yes anywhere in the world so this is not limited to citizens of the united states. The total you can earn will only be limited by your willingness to work at the techniques I will outline to you.

Passive Income
A Potential Unlimited Source of $$

So follow me as I teach you to make your first $1 online and where you go from there is up to you. But simply put the techniques I am about to outline can be a constant potential source of Passive income. What is passive income you may ask? Simply put passive income is income that continuously generates cash for you days after day, moth after month long after you have put in the initial effort. Plainly put it's like a fruit tree-you could go out and buy fruit each day you need it, but should you plant a fruit tree once the initial work is done that tree will consistently generate or supply you with fruits, so much so that you might have to give some away.The same is true for passive income streams, once they are setup and poised to generate a steady income. This is potentially an inexhaustible source of income should you stick with it and cultivate these streams.

So with all of that said let's get started by attempt the following as indicated as they have been ranked according to the time it takes to start generating an income:

# 1: Affiliate Programs:

Passive Income
Promote products online

Affiliate programs are by far the easiest way to earn your first buck online. What is an affiliate program? simply put again it's a program that allows users to promote a product or products for a specific store (Online) and each time a sale is made on said item through a link left by the Affiliate Marketer a commission which is a percentage of the sales is earned.

The trick however is that while there are a number of affiliate programs out there already it's quite easy to get confused. I would recommend that you begin with Amazon affiliate program as it's simply hands down the best. This is so as while some might claim that the commissions are low Amazon not only pays you commissions on products you promote directly but also any other products the person being referred to the website may purchase within twenty four hours of visiting through your link.

Interesting isn't it? Well to get started you will need to go to and scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Make money with us category and select become an affiliate as seen here:
Passive Income
Select Become an Affiliate at the bottom of the Amazon home page
Now before completing the process you will need a means of promoting Amazon products now there a several options, my recommendation is that you read the Amazon Affiliate terms of service to know what goes from what does not.   My recommendation is that you use a website or a blog and do product reviews as a means of promoting for them. Here are a bunch of articles we did to help you on your way to creating your first blog that you can use to promote products should you choose and don't worry its all free:
How to start a Blog for Free
Promote your Blog:
Noobs' Guide to fast Blog traffic 
Increase your Blog or Website Viability

So once you have created your first blog as directed and written your first article you can sign up for Amazon Affiliates and start promoting products. Your first few dollars should start rolling in as soon as your traffic builds.

#2: AdSense from Google:

Passive Income
Monetize your website or Blog

Now after you have gotten a good feel of affiliate programs you can up the difficulty level and earning potential by placing advertisements on your website. These can be in the form of pictures and text based banners. You will get paid as soon as visitors click on your ad banners. Word of caution though never click on your own banners or ask visitors to click on them.

How to get started with adSense? Well to get started you will need an established blog or website with a few articles. Now if you had followed my recommendation and started with step one above with product reviews and affiliate programs then you should by now have a few articles to apply for adSense.

To get approved from anywhere in the world check out our article on getting approved that will outline what you will need here: Get Approved for adsense from anywhere in the world. And once you have met the requirements in that article then go ahead and apply here for adsense. If you are using Google Blogger as the option for your blog you can sign up from within settings under earnings.
 Once you get approved using our recommendations simply build your traffic and write killer content and you should see revenue from the ads rolling in, remember give it time and never try to cheat Google as you will get caught, so install ,forget the ads and focus on writing.

#3: YouTube Videos:

Passive Income
Reach the world through Video

You can also as a third option explore promoting products through YouTube and best of all by signing up for a YouTube account. All you will need is a camera and a good idea for a channel, your smartphone or computer webcam will do fine as a starter. Later on you can invest in other gear once things have taken off.

Now come the fun part simply by doing videos on the products you promote and leaving an Affiliate link you can use method one above with YouTube to generate an income. When you have enough subscribers and videos you can again apply for adsense with YouTube and you will get ads beside your videos that work similarly to those on your blog. You can check out our YouTube channel here to see what I mean: DIY-Tech YouTube Channel

#4: Doing Gigs on Fiverr:

Passive Income
Fiverr $5 per Gig

Last but not least if you have a talent that marketable and I mean just about anything such as making cool drawings, graphics design, a cool accent -you name it you can sell your services on for $5 bucks a pop. You can hop on over and sign up for an account and see how others are doing it and offer a service for $5 as well, trust me it can add up.

So ladies and gents what do you think of passive income? Do you or have you ever made money online? Maybe you are a beginner or a pro let me know in the comments below how you stack up in terms of generating income online.

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