Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Fix or replace a damaged Laptop Keyboard?

Easy keyboard replacement
Easy Laptop keyboard Replacement

I often repair computers that the keyboards have been damaged and in one case I had a friend damage the keyboard and then in the space of two months i was at it again and replacing the keyboard for him a second time. Seeing that I have done this so many times I assume that others might be in a bind where they might need to replace or fix their keyboards because of damage.
So follow me as i show you how easy it is to actually find and replace a keyboard and be up and running again. This will only take approximately 15 minutes if you have done repair on laptops before and about 30 minutes or so if you are not familiar with the procedure. This will also work on any laptop and not only the Gateway NV53A used to demonstrate, the procedure might be a bit different but the underlining principles are the same.
1. Establish that the keyboard is actually damaged and that specific keys are not working as they should. Remember if a laptops keys fallout that does not necessarily indicate that they are damaged. Keys are only damaged when they do not produce on screen results when pressed. Keys that have just fallen out can be snapped back into place.

2. After confirming that they are actually damage, you may go ahead and note the model number and brand of your laptop and proceed to Amazon by clicking here, after reaching Amazon through the link given begin to do a search for your model laptop and the keyboard eg. "Gateway NV53A Replacement keyboard" . Be sure to check the layout of the keyboard based on the pictures provided on Amazon and when satisfied order the replacement keyboard.

3. When your replacement keyboard arrives be sure to handle it carefully.

4. Follow the procedure above as shown in the video to replace the keyboard by:
a. Powering down the unit and removing the battery.
b. Remove the keyboard screws that can be found beneath the battery.
c. From the front of the unit carefully pry the keyboard up by first pressing the retention buttons that hold the keyboard in place.
d. Release the keyboard ribbon cable by pushing the retention clasps forward and removing the keyboard.

5. Install the new keyboard and reseat the ribbon cable in place, place the keyboard back in place and make sure it's siting flush and replace the screws beneath the battery.

Replace the battery and power up the unit and test to make sure all keys are working correctly.

Trouble Shooting
Easy keyboard replacement
Having a little trouble try our solutions?

1. The new keyboard does not work at all.
Solution: Repeat the instillation procedure and make sure the ribbon cable is fully making contact with the board and that it was secured properly.

2. The keyboard is working however aspects of the keyboard is not giving any on screen output.
Solution: Repeat the instillation making sure the ribbon cable is fully inserted and secured with the board.

If the keyboard refuses to work and you are sure its well installed you may have a dead unit and will need to RMA the keyboard for a replacement.


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