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Noobs' Guide to Fast Blog Traffic Generation within minutes.

fast blog trafic Generation
Noob Bloggers

Do not be offended by the fact that you are called a "noob!!!" right now as the experts themselves were once noobs' and had a million question and were running around like kids on the internet without a clue, so read on.
Ok let me first begin readers by saying there is no shortcuts in traffic generation, however there are things you can do to get your blog seen and as a result generate impressive amounts of traffic by search engines, referrals and just plain people running across your content and being compelled to share it. So with that premise set, lets look at what you should do to land the big fish and sit back as your page hits climb through the roof.

What should I do?

fast blog trafic Generation

#1: Write Mind Blowing Content. 

You will need content that is very interesting and a title that is flashy and sums up your content in beautiful and catch way as possible. So lour readers in with your title and snag them with your content.
 Just look at yahoo's home page as a classic example and there stories. Have you ever been just passing and the headlines catches your eyes and you just had to stop what you were doing and read to find out what that story was about, well if it works for the prows,why not for you as well?. And finally when you have got your readers, have them tell there friends and acquaintances by providing easy sharing tools, just look towards your left and you will see this webpages share feature, go ahead and show it some love, I will wait....

#2: Share your Articles on

What is stumbleupon? if you do not know by now its the fastest growing community for sharing interesting content based on users likes and interests, its an excellent way of finding the very best articles the web has to offer. So go ahead and get a account and share your content by adding your pages. You will notice instant traffic from them as you add your pages, however never spam there service and don't only recommend your own content,also share your friends content and things you find most fun on the net that you have discovered. This website works by showing users pages and they are allowed to thumbs up or down a page or even report inappropriate pages. Also be sure to find friends on there, this will help to highlight your content as the more people that shares your stuff the greater the changes of it becoming viral. You can see my stumbles or  join my following here, I am always seeking new friends.

#3: Share on Google plus and Join a Google Plus Community that similar to your blogs articles. 

fast blog trafic Generation

Google plus is an evolving tool and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the social media circles. So why not use it to your advantage, be sure to make as much friends as possible. The more friends you have that have similar interests the greater the chances of you showing your article to a potential sharer. Also check out the whats hot area to see whats currently going viral or hot, your articles may make it there if you do everything right and add us using the Google Plus Gadget on the right.

Also Join a Google Community that matches your blogs content and share your articles, however pay close attention to your community rules before you post or they will be deleted.

fast blog trafic Generation

#4: Share your New article on Facebook and create a blog page.

You most likely have a Facebook account so place your articles on your personal wall and share with your friends using the share feature of Facebook.This is sharing to get you noticed and remember to share other articles and don't only flood your page with your own content.
Also create a fan page and invite your friends, be sure to post your articles there as well, have a look at my fan page here.

#5 Join A Blog Community like:BlogCatalog.

BlogCatalog is by far one of the best, if not the best blog catalog for indexing blogs and the guys over there are very helpful and friendly,so go on over and be nice and only join to share with others with a sincere heart. You will feel right at home there. You will get noticed by having your blog indexed by BlogCatalogue. See my friends article on getting in after you have applied its quite helpful here on: BloggerMonster.

# 6:Use Ping-o-matic. 

Whenever you write a new post use pingomatic to tell all search and blog indexes that you have updated. Be sure to update your blog often and only use the feature after a blog update. After a while the Google crawlers will come knocking and index your blog and the article and will show up in searches if it meets Google's criteria.
fast blog trafic Generation

#7:Yahoo Answers.

Share your expertise on Yahoo Answers and every now and again post the link to your blog in a relevant article where it can help a person, but do not over post your own links or you will be banned.

# 8:Be Nice to your Visitors and they will be nice in return.

Be nice to your readers and they will show you there love.Do this by improving your content, engage readers and Improve your delivery and go out of your way to help them in there time of trouble.Treat each comment as if it were to a beloved family member and address there comment in a timely manner. Do not use the same generic comment over and over again in response to a comment left behind on your page, take the time to tailor each answer to the reader who made it, make them feel special.

#9:Read allot and comment on other Blogs.

Yes go out and search for interesting content and make friends and leave comments on other bloggers blogs. This will foster good will and Google will notices your activity, be sure to leave intelligent and helpful comments. Don't spam a readers comments with back links to your blog, leave a single link every now and again and if you do not know Google knows how to sniff through the spammers who add no value and leave there links on every blog without adding any value.

#10: Have fun!

Yes have fun in what you do and don't make it a job or chore and you will be fine.Smile you are a blogger and remember:-
fast blog trafic Generation
Just to make you laugh.

OK Readers I hope that this sets you on the path to lots of traffic. So what did you think of this article? How did these tips work for you?

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  1. I use Ping-o-matic on your guide in Item#6 for upadate my blog.

    Many thanks Ricardo for Item#5 for my BloggerMonster on blogcatalog community and I just stumble you on Ricardo on StumbleUpon, because I like your tech blog idea Do-It-Yourselt by Rickly.

    Waiting for read more tips tech update by you Ricardo,
    cheers, voot. :)

    1. Glad to help Voot we learn new things from each other everyday that's how we grow.

  2. Really interesting!!
    This is very helpful post. More interesting word you say more traffic you will get from your comment.

    1. Thank you Ipad repair ipswich I really appreciate when readers take the time to leave a comment.Also great point on the comments as this area is a point from which you can continue to build on your article by interacting with your readers and gathering there own personal experience. Your comment just proved that point.Thank you I have learned even more.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, much appreciated- These are techniques I have tested and found to generated quick traffic especially when you are new to blogging and want your content seen.

  4. Pingomatic does help. Plus, it's fast. All bloggers are interested in getting more traffic to their blogs, whether they just write casually or are interested in making money as well. While there are lots of different ways, (such as different types of social media) to make potential visitors aware that a blog exists, these all take time.

    1. Great insight and today Social media advertising has jumped to the four front as an ideal way of getting your content recognized and generating the desired traffic you need. However as you said to see true long term growth it does take consistency and some time-so while these methods are fast when used correctly to see the greatest growth it does take some time and sticking to them.

  5. This has been so useful to me! Thank you so much!

    1. Glad to hear friend, thanks for comenting

  6. Ah really its a nice post to increase our blog traffic i like it thank u verry much i will apply those all idea on my blog


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