Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Recover sent pictures in whatsApp without any special software

Recover sent pictures whatsApp
What have you been up to?...

Yes you read the title of this article correctly. You can actually recover your sent pictures without need of any special software if you are a user of the whatsapp Android messaging App.

How does this work?

Simply put every picture that is sent with whatsapp is kept within the App and will remain there unless you delete them. They will remain there even if you delete them from the gallery and from the original message they were sent in. A bit disturbing but someone with a little know how and no technical knowledge can actually tell what you have been sending by simply accessing this folder that is hidden in the whatsapp system files.

How can i use this?
Well its up to you, you could recover a picture you had lost or if you think about it you could actually... well come on, I hope I don't have to spell it out.
Remember whatever you do with this knowledge please use it responsibly.

How to recover or Find your Sent Pictures?

1. Go to My files (or your file browser on Android) and select: All files.

2. Select Device storage (or SD memory Card if you have your Apps on the SD card).

3. Search for a folder marked WhatsApp and open it.

4. Look for a folder called: Media and finally go to: WhatsApp Images.

5. Finally look for a folder called Sent and open it. It will contain all pictures you ever sent with your device through WhatsApp.

Quite a simple and powerful tip that can be used in various ways. If you found this useful, type away and leave a comment or two, it would be great to hear the interesting uses you have found for this tip.


  1. Hey
    I just found some disturbing pictures in the sent folder on whatsapp. Could these have gotten there by mistake or would they only be in this folder if they were sent through whatsapp?

    1. Unfortunately they could have only gotten there if some one was sending those pictures, so the question for you is who else has been using said phone and whatsapp account as that folder only stores sent pictures. They would not have gotten there unless they were sent.


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