Monday, August 11, 2014

Irulu AK304 Android tablet stuck on Android Logo Fix

Is your Irulu AK304 or a similar tablet is stuck on the Android logo or boot screen and refusing to start up. The thing is it will never move from that screen no matter how hard you try. If you have tried to reset the device using the Android system recovery button combination that puts the device in a special mode for resetting the tablet and it failed then you have come to the right placed as we will help you in fixing your bricked tablet and bringing it back to life.

android tablet stuck on android logo
Irulu or similar Tablet Stuck at Android Logo

Issue to be Fixed: 

Android tablet stuck on Android Logo.

What cause the Issue?

The issue you are experiencing is caused by a corrupted Android operating system and no matter how many times you try resetting the Irulu AK304 or similar tablet it will not fix the issue.

The Solution

To fix the issue you will need to flash or reload a matching firmware to your device to get it working again using a tool called Phoenix card tool, a Micro SD Card 2 gigs or more and the following firmware that you will need to download: 1.P1-Q88DB-V1.2-2CAM-RA522A.rar

Although this exact firmware should work with the above Irulu AK304 its best to always check the ID number of your motherboard to make sure that the firmware that you are using is the correct one.

For example My tablet had the ID number of Q88DB-V1.2 and as you can notice the firmware file has the same ID number so the firmware will work and all the relevant features such as touch should work, if you get the firmware wrong features such as touch might not work.

How to find your Firmware if you are not using the same Tablet but a similar model? 

1. If you are using a similar looking tablet you will need to first open the unit and get the Motherboard ID number and record it.
2. Next go to this website and use the search box and search for your ID number and you should get a compatible firmware to download.
3. Follow the instructions below as you would for the Irulu and load your specific firmware.


1. After downloading the Phonex card tool and the firmware above extract the zipped tool and launch the tool from green icon resembling a folder.

2. Connect your MicroSD card to your computer (Wipe or format the card to make sure its empty).

3. Extract the firmware file and using the Phoenix tool select the img file button to browse for the firmware file that you just extract and select it.

4. Select the SD Card in the Phoenix tool and select burn to burn the image to the SD Card to make the Card bookable. Be sure to select Product option and not startup !, as you are attempting to permanently flash the new firmware.

5.  Finally burn and when finished remove the SD Card and insert it into the Android device.

6. When inserted make sure the device is off and when inserted poweup the tablet with the SD card. It may take some time but leave the device to run for about 3-4 minutes. There will be a red bar that will eventually go green.

7. After instillation remove the SD card and power up once again and that should be it your tablet should now be fully functional after being dead.

I hope that this has helped in fixing your Android tablet that was stuck on the Android Logo as it did with mine, please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below and as usual I will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. why is there a password for the firmware?? i cannot extract it!

    1. It should not be locked had no issue extracting it with WinRar Simply right click and extract here, I think you are doing something wrong my friend. Get WinRar and try again.

  2. Hey my friend please give me the password or send me at the email:, the file whithout the password....

    1. The file is not hosted by me, I simply downloaded it and used it just as you, if its locked contact the admin of the website that's hosting the file which is I am sure there is a contact section there. I will however try to get in contact with the admin to get the password too.


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