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Get Approved for AdSense from anywhere in the world.

adsense approval
Stop shooting in the dark for Adsense Approval.

AdSense is Google's premier Advertising program that brings publishers (You)  and Advertisers together in one glorious mix. The publishers who usually own a blog or website is allowed to after approval to place banner or text ads that matches there content.These banners bring in revenue when visitors to your website through genuine interest click on said banners and are taken to the website of a relevant Advertiser who  provide goods or services that is related to your content.

Now you are here to learn how to apply for AdSense and get approved Super Super fast right ? Wrong!

To get approved for AdSense there is NO magic formula or key secret technique that you need to employ that is bestowed to a chosen few, others might tell you so or promise a quick way, the sad truth is there is no quick way. It takes hard work, dedication and consistency. So if you are not daunted by these prospects you may proceed.

Now while there are no quick ways to get approved, there are things you can do which I am about to outline that will increase your chances drastically, especially if you have already tried and failed you will  find this especially helpful. Those who are applying internationally, you will find you will have to go through a extra hoop or two. 

Remember if you fail the first time learn from your mistake and try Again as most first time appliers are turned down, not because they are failures but because of basic oversights. 

Lets look at what you will need:

Content is king!

1. Content

Content is king and what you know and how you feel about your blog will come across clearly in your content. So work on creating unique and interesting content that is centered around helping your readers. It all about value added,any one can write but the question is: what do you bring to the table that the other guys don't have?, think about that as this will give you the edge in preparing your articles.

Make sure your articles are not only pictures, videos or very short uninteresting stuff, your content should show effort and enthusiasm and be accurate.

Honestly ask yourself:  If you were a reader would you read this or turn a eye and move on?.

Employ techniques you learned from English Class don't tell your readers, show them and take them on a journey and back.

Speak directly to your audience they are living breathing people (Hey there!)

Be positive and excite your readers and be interactive.

Apply when you have at least 35 articles and make them good ones at that.

2. Blog Design and Layout

Ensure your blog is not cluttered and readers have a easy time navigating your blog and finding what they need easily. Avoid going overboard with gadgets and flashy page elements that do nothing for your visitors but confuse and confound them.

3. Third party Ads and Affiliate Programs.

As best as possible avoid or delay using third party adds on your blog until you receive AdSense approval. While Google has no issues with using third party ads or banners they do detract and show a conflict of interest. You need to prioritize each revenue stream you have chosen and find the best way to employ said method. So for the approval period remove any third party adds or banners, you can replace them later with careful consideration of Google's guidelines on third party ads and remember more is not necessarily better due to a little principle known as the law of diminishing return. Simply put there is a optimum amount of add units after which point any extra add unit is simply stifling your website and efforts. In my opinion the optimum amount is three (3) units per page and this is a combination of 1 text unit and two display ad units.

4. Put a face and a purpose to your blog.

The following is a must for your blog:

  • An About Me (You) page, this is also great for your readers.
  • An About page on your website or blog itself.
  • A contact page or form so your readers can correspond with you if necessary, this is different from your Email Subscription gadget or form.
  • Make sure you have a disclaimer. 

Also make sure all of the above is visible and accessible easily.

5. Copied or Stolen content

As tempting as it might be "DO NOT COPY" or steal content from other websites, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas for articles or the content of your articles then face it you may be in the wrong Niche and you should probably seek out another category or niche that you are more passionate about.  Remember if others are writing about the same thing the one that loves what he does and enjoy doing it will keep at it longest and always rise to the top, readers can always sense this form of sincerity.

6. Receiving steady traffic 

OK before you apply you must be receiving some amount of steady traffic per day. I recommend average of forty (40) unique visitors per day or so consistently. And as best as possible try to engage your readers, or give them a reason to stay on your website for loner periods. And provide social media sharing options, so one visitor can bring others to your website, but if the content is off you need to get back to the drawing board.

If all the above is in place then apply.


Key Problems with Application and how to solve them

After applying Google will reply to your application, if you did not get in they will give you a reason for not approving you along with a link for reapplication after the issue has been resolved.

Here are the key ones and solutions:

1. Insufficient content

Solution: As the name suggests your blog is young and does not have enough content for monetization, make sure you have sufficient articles and content, as mentioned above you need at least 35 articles and this is not set in stone as Google might not approve you with this number or more, so make sure its quality and not quantity.

2. Contact Address Incorrect, Incomplete, or not provided 
(Big Issue for Applications outside the USA)

This is a issue with the bots that deal with the applications as they will ignore any address that does not have a street and a number before the area. Simply put a three or four digit number number before your street address and end it in street. Also put a house or apartment number (It does not matter if its not done that way in your country) just do it and change it later after approval. e.g.:

Payee Name:         Jane Doe (Your Name)

Street Address:    1964 Fairy Tail Street, House #2

City/Town:            (Place your real town)

Phone:                   000-000-000 (Place your real phone number)

Country:                Place your Correct Country

3. The 6 Months Rule

(If you get turned down continuously and all things are in place.)

Some countries e.g. India and others countries: New blogs will have to be at least six months old before approval, so all you can do is wait and improve your blog.Remember to make use of AdSense you have to have high traffic so that's six months to test what works from what doesn't.

4. Copyrighted content

I told you earlier, Google will catch you if you try to copy content and there bots are constantly scouring the internet so keep your content original and remove any copyrighted content from your website pages. This includes video, text or even pictures.

That's it readers and good luck, remember love your blog and your readers and it will be returned to you 100 fold. Please take the time to leave a comment or ask a question I would be glad to assist you.

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  1. That was helpful! But putting that in action is quite difficult..Btw I love what you write! You are such an inspiration.

    1. Thanks allot T.SAMBA Just stick with it and you will get approved, but remember write about what you know and be honest. This can lead to interesting and good content -your readers will love you for it.

  2. what time u made this blog and in what time ur adsense is appproved does how much it paid u..?

    1. This Blog is about 4 months old and I have been on adsense for about 2 months of that four. My first aim was getting approved which I have done, as for earnings as per Google policies I cannot disclose exact figures but trust me when I say the earnings are good especially when you are from outside the USA and your currency is weaker compared to the US dollar. With that being said the key to earning and making a good turn over is traffic along with quality content, if you lack good content and traffic your payout will be poor. But if you work on content and building traffic this can be fun and profitable. Hope that answers your question.

  3. Finally i know what i have done in my old blog and i work for atleast 8 m0nth but i didn't get approved google adsence now i started new one thank u for the lovely post hope this time adsence team approved my application. .thank s again

    1. Glad to help I wish you all the best my friend.


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