Friday, July 19, 2013

How to Stretch the width of a blogger template so your content will hold 2013

How to change blogger content column width

Changing the with of a blogger template is a simple matter as most time you will come to realize that the content does not hold within the confines of the column post, especially  one one uses a lot of pictures on their blog of various sizes. To adjust the width of the column simply log into the blogger dash board and go to template:

Select template
When you are faced with the template screen:

Select Customize
Select customize and in the left panel select "Adjust widths" on this screen you should see a slider as the one below that in the picture that says entire blog-adjust slider to increase the width you will see in real time below that what is taking place, the second slider controls the width of the side panel which can also be adjusted. After you have adjusted the widths as desired apply the changes with the button that says "apply to blog" in the upper extreme right of the windows:

Sliders to be adjusted, the first controls the width of your blog

That's it technocrats, you can now go view your blog. be sure to ask your questions below if any, thanks.

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