Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Get super-fast 2 day shipping for free on all Amazon orders.

Free 2 day shipping
Free Super fast  2 day shipping for 30 days with each sign up.

I have always been a fan of Amazons free shipping on most items after spending $25 bucks online and to be honest it's a big money saver not having to fork over extra cash just to get shipping to your place of residence. However if this free shipping had one drawback I would say that it was the fact that the items take a total of up to five (5) days sometimes to reach their location which is not bad considering its free, but sometimes you just want that item super-fast.

But what if you could get super-fast two day free shipping on almost all your Amazon orders with no minimum limit on how much you have to spend to qualify? Well it's quite possible with Amazon Prime and all you have to do is sign up to get a free trial no strings attached.

I recently Joined Amazon Prime for free and was surprised they offered Free two (2) day shipping on all items that qualify from the Amazon store for prime shipping (Which is almost all items).

On my first order I had my package in two days like clockwork. At the time I happened to pick up a gift for a friend which was an Asus MeMOPod HD 7 tablet and within the time frame given of two days the package was delivered to my address on time, as promised with Amazon prime.

What is Amazon Prime Exactly?

 Amazon Prime is a service offered by Amazon.com for those who shop online and need there packages fast and do not want to pay absorbent sums each year for shipping so they offer a year's shipping at a ridiculously low price. They are so sure of there service that they are giving you a free 30 day trial.

Even if you do not think you want this service for shipping alone there are plenty of extras that Amazons special prime members receive.

What do you get with an Amazon Prime subscription?

As a prime member you will receive:
  • Immediate Access to over 41,000 movies and TV shows with options for every household member.

  • Rent or borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library Borrow from over 350,000 titles for free.

  • Unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size so shop till you drop.15 million items and counting

Amazing isn't it and to boot you can get a free 30 or 1 month trial providing that you have never gotten a trial in the past. 

Who qualifies for this special free Offer?

Once you shop at Amazon.com you will qualify for this free 30 day trial offer, so go ahead and give it a try and sign up through our link here, you will not regret it.

This sounds too good to be true?

Yes it does but it's the truth and it does work, I can personally attest to this.

My suggestion is that you signup now and get this super offer right off the bat especially during or toward the holiday season such as Halloween, Black Friday, Thanks Giving, Christmas or any other major holiday. Even if you do regular shipping or just average amounts of purchases it's a great experience.

During my free month I did fifteen (15+) plus shipments to see if there were any hidden fees and it was all free and on time and remember Amazon is a trusted brand.

Why does Amazon do this?

Because like all Amazon ventures they are a customer centered company and they go the extra mile to make things convenient for you. Plus Amazon would like you to join the program should you like it at the end of the free trial.

I would recommend you do Join if you so choose as the choice is all yours, especially if you ship allot of items or need things on time or the family consumes tuns of Media such as television shows, movies and books (Who doesn't?). 

What will it cost if I want to continue at the end of the trial?

If you should choose to continue at the end of the trial it will cost you $79 for the year, 

Secret Tip
But wait there is more you can share this membership between four (4) household members, so that means you can actually split the bill and the benefits all the way around. To do this go to your account and manage prime membership to add house hold members once you are a member. 

Very Important when you signup for your Free Membership trial

Yes as soon as you sign up for your membership be sure to go to -your account-prime membership and set the setting to do not automatically renew your subscription if you do not wish to continue and be charged at the end of the 30 days for the continuing year, this settings is for convenience as its set to auto renew your subscription so you do not have to do it manually. If you do not see the setting wait a few days and the option will be there.

I would however recommend you continue if you love the service as it one of the best programs I have seen been offered by any online retailer. 

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