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samsung GT i5500 Too many pattern attempts

If you have a Samsung GT i5500 and you are faced with the issues of a screen displaying Too many pattern attempts then you will come to realize that this issue can be a real pain in the but to actually solve.

If the following method from this article does not work then you may have a special case that very specific to your phone model and those like the older Samsung GT i5500 which will require a different method to unlock or bypass the too many pattern attempts screen.
samsung GT i5500 Too many pattern attempts
samsung GT i5500 

How to unlock the Samsung GT i5500 with Too many pattern attempts warning?

So if no other method is working for you such as the article above that I have liked to that as helped so many people you may want to try the following method:

1. Power up the phone and Wait at the "Too many pattern attempt screen" and let the battery run down on your device to the low battery warning  pops up. A quick way of exhausting the battery is to leave it powered on and occasionally check back over a period.

2. When the low battery warning appears click battery usage and then click on the Home Button

3. You should now be on the Home screen, go to location&security in settings and find and disable the pattern lock or simply try and put in the old one that worked to change it.

4. If the above method fails you can try creating a new G-mail to associate with your current account in this mode and once again log in to your account from the lock screen using WiFi from the too many pattern attempt screen.

I hope that the method above worked for you or this one on: 

How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy after Too many pattern Attempts or Forgotten Password.

Which is your best bet, the issue of Too many pattern attempts is really annoying but its not impossible to fix trust me on that one. 

If you have any questions or concern feel free to use the comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you. 

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