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Show file extensions windows 8

By default windows 8 will hide the file extensions of all files from the average user as most users do not need to see the extensions of every file that's on there computer.
Show file extensions windows 8
Show file extensions Windows 8

On the other hand more advanced users need this feature and it can be a great feature to enable seeing that seeing file extensions can tell you a great deal about a file even before you open it.

Example of File extensions

Show file extensions windows 8

A PDF document that you would use Adobe reader to open would have a .pdf extension. So by default if you downloaded a application form in PDF format from the internet by default the document would be named like this: Application. When you instruct windows 8 to show the file extension all files will begin showing there extensions including the Application file for exaple: Application.pdf

How to Show file Extensions Windows 8?

1. Go to My Document and select any folder by clicking it once, no need to open it.
2. Go to the view Tab
3. In the second to last division there should be three (3) check boxes, check the one in the midlle that says: File name extensions.
4. This will show all the extensions of files on your computer.
5. If the option is not here simply click on options- Change folder and search options, view Tab and uncheck the box that says: Hide extensions of known file types.

How to Hide the File extensions of Windows 8 Files?

Simply follow the instructions above but instead uncheck the box that says: file name extensions or check the box that says: Hide Extensions of known file types.

Special Note on Saved files Showing Blank unknown icons!!

Show file extensions windows 8
Blank files are those with there Extensions deleted

Always be careful that when you are saving a file or changing the name that the extension (.exe,.jpg..) does not get erased as the file will show a blank face file and whenever you try to open it Windows will ask you which program to use to open the file.

So if you mistakenly deleted the extension of a file and you cannot open your documents or programs simply rename the file and make sure the correct extension is on the end.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask for assistance below I would be glad to assist you in any way possible.

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