Friday, March 14, 2014

My First Amazon and Google Adsense Cheques!!!

See the Full Articles at the new and improved professional Website!

Yes believe it or not I received my first Amazon and Google Adsense Checques on the same day!. Talk about being lucky I never imagined they would both arrive on the same day. I would like to take the time to thank all persons who have visited this blog over the last few month and have helped in making it a success.

On that note using the earnings I made over the last few Months, I have created a new and improved professional website that can be found here:

My aim is to continue to grow the new website BlogTechTips and reach more and more persons like you readers world wide. I have decided however to keep this Blog: active and I will not move the articles as they are still helping other readers. I will however post here only once in a while. For the latest Tech and help articles we have to offer you will have to go to the new Blog which we post to Almost every day: BlogTechTips.

My Earnings from Amazon and Google Adsense:

Both articles on my earnings along with the evidence and tips to help others are hosted on the new blog, so simply click on the links below to be taken there:

1. Lessons from My First U.S. $123.53 AdSense Cheque.

2.My first Amazon Associates Cheque for U.S. $197.74

If you enjoy our content or have found it useful in any way please subscribe to the new blog, the subscription box can be found on the new blog in the right side bar of the website, this will inform you whenever we have updated with new articles.

Again thank you for reading and viewing our content, let us know in the comments of the new website if you like the new home, it would be great to hear from you guys.

Help US Become the best website on the Internet!

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