Sunday, October 13, 2013

Top ten (10) Funny Items on Amazon, must be seen to be believed!!!

funny items on Amazon
Really funny Items on Amazon

Recently i did a list of the most ridiculously expensive items on Amazon and was blown away by the insane price tags on some very peculiar items that had some hefty price tags and with that been done I decided to try my luck again and this time discovered some new items that are like the weirdest ,most ridiculous and funny items on Amazon that have ever been seen. So follow me as I highlight some of the funniest items on Amazon that's guaranteed to have you laughing like crazy in no time.

1. Canned Unicorn Meat

funny items on Amazon
Yep Unicorn meat
OK I know what you are thinking this got to be a Joke, the surprising thing about this other than the product is that its fulfilled by Amazon, quite reasonably priced and real funny, tell me you have not giggled at least once? The buyers feedback is equally hilarious you can check this item out below:
funny items on Amazon
Whats for dinner?

2. Zombie Jerky

I kid you not!

funny items on Amazon

So once again Amazon the most customer centered company has updated its food inventory to include Zombie Jerky lol.
This funny item on Amazon seems to be regular old jerky but check out the packaging. Would you be daring enough to buy and try this item?
funny items on Amazon
Wonder how edible these things are?

3. Hand Sanitize for those who may have touched there ...!!

These guys obviously know how to market there products, when last have you touched yours? this is the perfect hand sanitizer or not? Take a closer look at the labeling on the Liquid soap packaging below, its truly a funny item.

funny items on Amazon
Liquid soap

4. Zombie Blood

funny items on Amazon
Zombie Blood

A Zombie energy drink for the devoted fans of Zombie Horror films, I hope you did not think this was really Zombie Blood.
Anyway this item is quite funny, who knew there were so many strange items like this on Amazon, they are quite nice for a laugh unless you are really into these types of memorabilia.

 5. Uranium Ore

funny items on Amazon
Uranium Ore

Its official you can get anything on Amazon for sale, this actually a listing for Uranium Ore, don't ask me if its weapons grade but the comments are quite funny and this is quite the gag. 

This has to be in the all time top ten (10) weird or funny items on Amazon, I was quite surprised when I saw this listing and had to check it out.

6. Blue Q Chewing Gum

funny items on Amazon
Blue Q Chewing Gum

The funny thing about these Gums is the various packaging's, they are really funny. Check them out and be sure to look at the different packages for a good laugh. The company is always updating their list of funny packagings so look around for updates as well.

See the packagings for a good laugh

7. Canned Dragon Meat

I kid you not this is a real listing of Dragon Meat, What is in this canned product? your guess is as good as mine and I cannot resist the urge to actually chuckle as I look at this item.

The price is not bad as well, this is only topped by in my opinion the Unicorn meat above, if Amazon continues like this we will have a whole set of "Mythical creatures canned meat" line of products for sale. I am sure you will agree with me that this is one of the funniest items you have seen on Amazon so far.

8. Blood Energy Potion

funny items on Amazon
Blood Energy Potion

Do not be alarmed!, this is only a energy drink in creative packaging or is it?, any way this is quite the funny item to find on Amazon, they are just getting weirder and weirder as this list continues to evolves.

9. Underwear dispenser

How practical is this?
funny items on Amazon
What the...
The tag line should be: For life's unexpected emergencies, your office is not complete without it.

funny items on Amazon
Great for a Gag

10. Mana Energy potion 50ml

funny items on Amazon
OK this takes the cake
Yep Just as I was running low too, you cant have a raid without these bad boys. The weird thing is these things seems to sell as there is a inventory on the quantity.

funny items on Amazon
Gather around every one for a group healing.


  1. Once again, what can I say. I couldn't believe my eyes with some of these products, but I guess if it sells then someone somewhere is making some good cash and a couple of them would make great joke gifts too.

    1. lol definitely, most are Just Jokes, for example if you where to go to the items and see the reviews from the buyers you would just die of laughter, some really funny stuff is written there.


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