Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blazing fast Quad (4) core Asus MeMOPad HD tablet for cheap.

quad core value tablet
Asus MeMOPad HD 7 Inch

I recently needed a new tablet and was not going to break the bank to purchase it, I needed something that was a Value but at the same time it should not skip on the good stuff. My friends assured me that for the quality I wanted I would have to roll out at least $250 or more to get a decently capable tablet. Not daunted I researched on and found the Asus MeMOPad HD 7 inch which has been a God send.

When I first saw the price and the specs I was wondering if the online store that I was browsing the tablet in had made a mistake, as this thing was way under price for the value I was receiving as on paper the device proved to be a beast of tablet.

I am talking about the fact that for just above one hundred bucks (Might be even cheaper now) you receive a:

1. HD 1280 x 800 pixel screen with gorgeous color reproduction
2. A Quad core 1.2 GHZ Intel Celeron processor from the makers of the world best and fastest processors.
3. Built in 16 Gigs of Storage right out of the box.
4. 1 Gigs of RAM for smooth multitasking.
5. Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and future upgrades available right out of the box.
6. Expandable memory slot card slot (Micro SD)
7. A front and a rear 5 MP camera for video calling and much more features.

Amazing isn't it and all that is just for a small price, I looked at other tablets with similar specs and they were way more expensive and being a computer guy the specs of the Asus Memopad HD were impressive on paper but after much search I dove in and bought the device, read on for the personal firsthand experience.

What in The Box?

After a anxious couple of days the device arrive, right away I did an unboxing which can be seen here in this video: 

quad core value tablet
Asus MemoPad HD 
For those who cannot be bothered with the video I have taken some pics to show what you get in the beautiful packaging:

quad core value tablet
The tablet

quad core value tablet

quad core value tablet

quad core value tablet
Manuals and Documentation

 Now that's pretty standard for packaging contents but what we are all dying to see is the performance right.


Now let no one tell you differently if you want to truly test a devices performance no fancy graphs and performance apps can give you real world experience such as testing popular games on the tablet and judging the device based on the way it handles the apps and games you throw at it. 

So we put the Asus MeMoPad HD  through the paces and we were blown away by how well the devices quad core processor and 1 gigs of RAM dominated the games we threw at it. Doubt my results or think it's simple lip service? Then see the performance tests we did in this follow up video:

Now if you saw the video above you should now see that this device is not only good on paper but it's also a beast in person. I mean I was so surprised as all my games and Android apps run smoothly and without lag. This thing will make you wonder why everyone does not just get this tablet instead of getting some other more expensive 7 inch tablets such as the Nexus 7 two. This tablet gives that device a run for its money and to boot it comes in way cheaper for what I consider similar performance.


quad core value tablet
Power, volume up and down

quad core value tablet
SD Card Slot

The device is quite nice in terms of inputs however when researching the Memopad one of my concerns was the main inputs that could be found on the device which I could not find anywhere, wonder no more:
1. Volume up and down rocker.
2. Hot Swappable Micro SD card slot.
3. Power on off Switch
4. Micro USB charge slot
5. Head phone Jack

quad core value tablet
Head phone and Micro USB Charging Port 

Comparability With old Edition MemoPad Accessories

Now if you have the old Asus MemoPad which is the non HD edition or you would want to purchase a keyboard case note that the old accessories do not work with the new edition featured here in this article, the USB port and the dongles for the old edition features a different length Mini USB port and it will not work!! Trust me we have tried it.

If you need compatible keyboard accessories check out a wireless keyboard that connects by Bluetooth such as this one here.

Picture Quality

quad core value tablet
Bach 5 MP shooter
Fear not your HD movies and TV shows will not lag at all. But best improvement of the Asus MemoPad HD 7 inch is the stunning color of the 7 inch HD display which is so bright and features one of if not the best screen I have ever seen on a value tablet of this caliber. We were most impressed especially as we cycled through the available set of pictures that came on the device to show off the brilliant colors of the new High Definition screen. You will not be disappointed one bit.
The back facing 5 MP camera is nothing to write home about but it takes descent picture that a great but not over the top in terms of quality but the screen makes these shots taken in the correct lighting conditions just perfect. With that being said it would have been great if they included LED flash.


quad core value tablet
Rear speaker Grill

With its dedicated speaker grill which can be found towards the lower back end of the device this tablet provides some assume sound reproduction which is enough for you to enjoy great movie and music playback on your spanking new tablet.

Color Selection

The Asus MemoPad HD features a nice selection of colors that include: White, blue, green and pink. The colors are a great selection however I recommend that you go with a darker color unless you are getting a case as this device is a finger print magnet especially the glossy screen. So to avoid sticky finger problems get a screen protector and case to top off your order.

Now if you are interested in getting this tablet i suggest you check it out for purchasing or further info at Amazon as we have checked and Amazon features the best up to date prices on this device.

So check it out at Amazon here.


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