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Top Ten Sexiest Ladies Costumes for Halloween.

Sexy Halloween costumes
Poison Ivy

Now Sexy is not a normal adjective one would normally associate with Halloween, but let's all admit it playing dress-up can be quite fun and enjoyable especially on Halloween. Now Considering the possibilities that you can be any of a number of Alter egos it's quite the chance for the ladies to strut their stuff as they party this Halloween.

So what will you be this Halloween? Maybe you aiming for the scary, the sexy or just a dab of both? Well whatever your aim is join us as we aim straight for the sexy with: "The Top Sexiest Costumes for Halloween".

So without further delay check out our top picks for sexiest ladies costumes for this Halloween and beyond:  

#1: Sexy Swashbuckler:
Sexy Halloween costumes
The Swashbuckler

Depending on the look you are going for this could be a very sexy outfit for a Female Pirate or Western Cow Girl look, you decide. But despite this one thing is clear this classic look is sure to light a spark and get you notice this Halloween party style. Best of all you can add your own personal flair to add a extra layer of unique on this selection.

#2: Sexy Miss Demeanor Costume:

Sexy Halloween costumes
Miss. Demeanor

While it's against the law the impersonate an officer I am sure they will make it slide this time as a minor Miss Demeanor once they get a look at this outfit.

The Miss Demeanor Costume is sure to delight and bring fantasies to life this holiday as you party. I am sure we all would like to be pulled over by a cop such as this.

#3: Parisian Showgirl:

Sexy Halloween costumes
Show Girl
Have all the boys shouting: Ooh-La-La this Halloween with this provocative Show Girl costume that's quite the eye catcher. The bright colors and matching read bow centerpiece towards the rear should make for a fine addition to this already beautiful and sexy Halloween dress.

# 4: Waves Sexy Sailor Costume:
Sexy Halloween costumes
Hello sailor
Sailors be wear there is a new sailor in town and there is nothing like a lady in uniform to keep those boys inline should they miss behave. 

#5: Marilyn Monroe Secret Wishes Showgirl Costume:

Sexy Halloween costumes
Marilyn Monroe

A true classic never goes out of style and this Merlin Monroe timeless Showgirl Costume proves that while being a classic it gives all other costumes in this set a run for their money so to speak. So if you are going for a retro ,sleek and classic look the Merlin Monroe look is sure to delight, the only question is do you have the Monroe charm to back it up?

#6: Secret Wishes Maid Costume
Sexy Halloween costumes
Maid 4 U
There is nothing that says sexy more than a maid Costume, so if you are going for sexy this Halloween go all out and get the Secret Wish Maid Costume, it's guaranteed to turn a few heads. Who does not like maids?

#7: Batman The Dark Knight Rises Secret Wishes Catwoman

Sexy Halloween costumes
OK if you haven't seen the new Batman Movie featuring the new redesigned Catwoman since Holle Berry then you have missed the new trend in sexy. Now any one that knows Batman and Catwoman will realize that she is the embodiment of sexy and represents in the flesh sexiness, just ask the guys.

 If however you are aiming this Halloween for a more traditional feline sexy look then check out:

Sexy Halloween costumes
Leopard PVC Costume-Meow!! 

#8: Star Wars Princess Leia Slave Costume:
Sexy Halloween costumes
Star Wars
This list would not be perfect without fan service to the Star War fans out there. There is not much to be said in words on why this outfit qualifies as been Sexy so I will just leave it right here. 

#9: Dreamgirl Women's Tribal Princess Native American Costume:

Sexy Halloween costumes
While being far from a Disney princess the Tribal Native American Costume give Pocahontas a solid run for her money.

imagine if Pocahontas had a naughty twin she would sport a look similar to this one.

#10: DC Comics  Batgirl Adult Costume:

Sexy Halloween costumes
Earlier we mentioned Catwoman and how could we talk about sexy costumes without mentioning or including a sexy Batgirl outfit to top off our list of sexy outfits for Halloween.

So there you have it ladies and gents my list of top ten (10) sexiest outfits that can be found anywhere this Halloween to put that extra something into the Halloween party vibe. So what did you think do these costumes spark your interest as being sexy and a good fit this Halloween

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