Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The HP Touchsmart 11 Perfects the Notebook.

Touch smart notebook

HP Touchsmart 11-E010nr 11.6-Inch Laptop

We all know notebooks and Ultrabooks, but have you ever wondered what would happen if the notebook met the Ultrabook and had a love child?, It they did the offspring would be the: HP Touch smart 11 Notebook from HP. This device is perfect combination of brains and a beauty all rapped up in one sweet package.

The beautifully designed HP Touchsmart 11 can only be described as a reimagining of the currently reigning netbooks or notebooks.HP has gown to the drawing board and the Notebook as been given new life in the Touchsmart series of laptops with a powerful AMD A4 1 Ghz APU that perfectly integrates a fully capable CPU and a Video processing unit as expected from AMD's new line of APU's. The device features a beautiful touch screen that's fully touch capable and packed into a thin form factor that would make the latest "Ultra books blush.
Touch smart notebook
Light weight and highly portable.

Touch smart notebook
Full smooth flowing touch capability with windows 8.

For the longest while I have not been a fan of netbooks or notebooks due to the usually  less than stellar processing power and video decoding capability, however on reviewing the HP Touchsmart not only was I surprised at the spectacular performance of the Quad core (4 Core) AMD APU but I found this compact device to rival the power of most fully blown laptops found in the same pricing range.

If this device had a flaw which is a matter of view it lacks the  standard CD/DVD drive which which was obviously dropped to improve the aesthetics and thinness of the device. However you will most likely not need it as DVD drivers are fast becoming the Floppy disc drivers of this generation, and cloud and streaming services are becoming the go to source for media needs and storage.
Touch smart notebook
Comes with 25 GB lifetime cloud storage that will make you never miss that  DVD Drive.

So if you are looking for the perfectly portable form factor of a notebook and the power and ergonomics of a notbook all rolled into one sweet little form factor , then get the: HP Touch Smart 11 notebook today.

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