Friday, September 20, 2013

Samsung 32 inch best selling smart TV.

Samsung 32 inch
Samsung UN32F5500

Samsung is well known for producing some of the most stylish smart phones in the business in its galaxy line of phones, however long before they were in your jeans pockets, Samsung was and is still renowned for producing the most stylish television sets to be seen on the market today.
Introducing the best selling UN32F5500 32 inch Smart TV from Samsung. The 32 inch device is not only a aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but has all the bells and whistles beneath the cover that would make couch potatoes the world over blush profusely.

The devise is surrounded by a glossy black bezel trim that expanses the perimeter of the device with a sleek stand to be found at the base of the device with the Samsung logo as the main center piece framing the TV set. The screen is matte black and is coated with an anti reflective coating that protects the screen from too much glare when placed in a well lit living spaces that may take from the viewing experience.

Input Placement

If you are seeking a TV set for wall mounting the Samsung UN32F5500 32 inch rear inputs are angled towards the side of the unit which makes for easy connectivity once the device is pinned to your living room or bedroom wall. This makes for easy access and makes adding and removing input devices a after thought and very convenient.

Samsung's universal sharing 

Already a member of the Samsung family with there beloved tablet,laptops and the record breaking Samsung Galaxy S4? then all share allows us to share media seamlessly between all our renowned Samsung devices with ease.
Just coming back from the Family vacation in the tropics? using allshare cast, move the fun from Phone to TV set and back again as you and the family reminisce on the trip and the fun you had in the living room with little to no hassle.


The  UN32F5500 TV set features the capability to display full HD 1080p content naively at a buttery smooth 60Hertz refresh rate. At the heart of the device there is a dual core processor that makes for true multitasking by performing different tasks simultaneously such as watching the big game while while checking out the live data feeds on the internet, all without missing a beat all on the same screen.

Ditch the wires

This Samsung UN32F5500 32 inch comes with full Wifi support so that one less cable you will have to worry about changing or hiding from view when wall mounted. The freedom of Wifi allows all your in TV apps to get the free roam they need to pull data from all your online social media and other websites of interest wirelessly .

Picture Quality

The picture quality is superb and a true eye catcher for those who have had the pleasure of owning a Samsung TV, the quality is especially evident when viewing fast motion video as in Sport broadcast. This makes this TV set a great buy for sports fans who do not want to be plagued by ghosting or a TV set that cannot keep up with the motion of the on screen sporting goodness. 

Audio Output

Picture is but half the cake and Samsung takes the entire plate with its built in audio. For a standalone on-board audio of which we have always expected it to be flat and lack luster, the Samsung UN32F5500 delivers the goodies and deals great sound all packed into this already thin device. Expect to hear some of the greatest sound to be heard from a standalone set without external audio amplification.
Samsung 32 inch
Best seller, Highly Rated and well priced to please.

What others are saying about this TV set across the internet:

  • "This TV was purchased to go in my bedroom with the mount that is listed as commonly purchased together. This TV works very well and has a lot of great features at a very good price."


  • "I never thought a television would get to this extent. To the day that televisions would have so many qualities. This television is more like a computer, its incredible, it's incredible and I'm really happy with my purchase."

Why Should I get this TV set?

The merits:
1. Comes with Free shipping.
2.  Is easily a best seller.
3. Is priced in the $300 price range, unheard of for this quality TV set.
4. Comes fully loaded with premium features to be found on way more expensive sets.
5. Connects with pre-existing Samsung devices that you may already own
6. Very slim and pleasing to look at.

You cannot go wrong with this TV set if its within your budget and it is the size you are looking for, its not a best seller for nothing with almost a full five star rating.


  1. I read this post and thought what a lovely looking TV with some great features but then I was expecting the price to be extremely expensive. When I saw $300 I thought, 'is this a joke?'. You can buy TV's for well over £800 which doesn't have half the stuff as this. What a bargain mate.

    1. Its a very good find, actually its a steal to find a TV such as this in the $300 bracket. The prices do tend to fluctuate a bit at times right now they are low and the perfect opportunity to nab them before they go. Thanks for taking the time to comment:Rum-punch Drunk-your insight is always appreciated.


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