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Coolest Best selling Halloween Props to take your holiday decorating to the next level.

Best selling Halloween props
Happy Halloween 
Its that time of the year again when the creepy crawlies are emerging and it's time to decorate the house and the front yard with all things that are cool and creepy.

Well it might just be for the kids as they are in it for the candy, but whatever may be the reason, including the do it yourselfer who is a kid at heart - decorating the house for Halloween is one of the more fun activities to get those creative juices flowing. No one want to be outdone by the neighbors down the road. So follow us as we look at some of the coolest and creepiest decorative props this side of the internet, and best of all they are down right affordable and can be reused year after year.

#1: Small Black Feathered Halloween Crows:

Nothing says creepy like realistic looking crows that seem like they could just fly at you at any given moment, these will look great beside old jack.
Best selling Halloween props
Small Crows
Now these crows are a bit on the small size but are quite nice and are very affordable and can be bought in bulk and placed in numerous places around the house to add that extra layer of creepy.

#2: Zombie Garden Gnome:

This little guy is out for brains and just gives me the creeps, if you have regular Garden Gnomes this guy will be great prop to use along with the regular Gnomes, you could tell a cool story with the regular and this the Zombie Gnome, which is by far one of our favorites on this top ten list.
Best selling Halloween props
This is not Gnomeo and Juliet

#3: Crystal Skull Shotglass:

Tell me this is not the coolest shot glass you have ever seen, your friends will think so as well, the unique design of these will change according to the drinks you may choose to serve, these things are a sure hit for Halloween parties and the works. These would work with whatever theme or group you are working with from kids to adults,check them out.
Best selling Halloween props
Too cool for words.

#4: Bag of skeleton Bones.

Yep we did it! these bag of bones, no pun intended are the perfect symbol to set your decorative prowess apart from all the others. There is just something really nerve racking about bones that makes you think every time: "could those things be real ?" well these will go well with a haunted house theme or grave yard setup. Lets hope no one call the cops in fears that these might be the  real deal.
Best selling Halloween props
Could these be real??

No Halloween decorating is complete without a Jack-o-lantern of some sort and the best thing about our choice here is  they are solar powered.
Best selling Halloween props
Solar Powered Pumpkins
They are so nice you could decide to leave them out after the Halloween as they are that good looking and would look nice out front, just be sure to disable the lights after the holiday to turn down the creep factor.

Having the rite set of creepy drapes just spells haunted house, so why not rock some very cool spooky old cloth just worn out right and seems as if they have been neglect for years, well they seem that way at least. This can push your creepy in the right direction. No kid would dear approach your front porch after this display.

Best selling Halloween props
Very Creepy Cloth...

#7: Halloween Hits

Nothing sets the mood of an environment like music, and most of all the kids can enjoy it too so grab the greatest Halloween hits that will have you and the kids dancing up a storm: 
Best selling Halloween props
Fun Hits CD for the entire Family

Tracks on this CD
1. Monster Mash - Bobbie Boris Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
2. Haunted House - Jumpin' Gene Simmons
3. The Blob - The Five Blobs
4. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
5. Twilight Zone - Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra
6. The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
7. The Addams Family (Main Title) - Vic Mizzy
8. I Put A Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
9. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes - Lewis Lee
10. Martian Hop - The Ran-Dells

 #8: Happy Halloween Word Blocks:

There is no better way to highlight the fact that its Halloween than a clear sign wishing every one a Happy Halloween so check out these wooden Halloween word blocks that do just that:

Best selling Halloween props
Happy Halloween

#9: Zombie Harms Lawn stakes:

Simulate a zombies rise from the grave into the land of the living with these lawn takes which are as the name suggest stakes that resembles human (Zombie) arms rising from the ground with the perfect accessory this could be a cool prop for showing a zombie rising from the grave if it fits with your decorative theme.

Best selling Halloween props
Night of the living dead anyone?

#10: Sinister skull with lantern decoration: 

Best selling Halloween props
Mesmerizing realistic zombie 
This is a great prop that will add that extra spark to your decorations for Halloween plus it comes with a great lantern and some of the best craftsmanship to be seen on a prop like this that results in a realistic looking zombie that sure to scare and delight your visitors this Halloween.

So that it for our top ten (10) list of most affordable and best selling props or decorations for this Halloween, plus if you pick them up in bulk quantities you will get free shipping with the already low prices, so what are you waiting for? go shopping

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