Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The only 5 Web Browsers worth installing and your time.

Browser Wars!!!

If you have been in the computer or internet business like me for a long while you get asked the question from time to time:

"whats the best Browser and why do you use that browser over this one?". 

Well today I am going to rank the Top 5 browsers that are worth your time installing that will change your browsing experience for the better.Any person that knows there way around the web will have at least two of these installed and use them on a regular basis, the key features to bear in mind when selecting or looking for a browser to call your own can be seen below.

Features of a Top Tier Browsers:

A top browser has the following features with no exceptions:
a. Its easy to use and intuitive.
b. Supports a host of Add-ons or in browser apps that extend its functionality.
c. Regular Updates
d. Very Secure
e. Protects the users Privacy or provides privacy tools by default.
f. Highly Customizable.

The Top 5

The browsers are Ranked according to their merits in order of their features starting with the best:

1.Mozilla  Fire Fox

By far the best browser that you can browse the net with, Firefox has some of the most robust features ever to be engineered in a medium that is used to surf the internet.
This browser is very customizable when it comes to setting up your  personal preferences, it does this through themes that can be used to reflect the users personality and style. It also comes with a host of features such as the ability to extend the functionality of the browser with apps such :

1. Flag fox: Displays the location of the website you are on or the server to be exact.

2. Speed dial: One of my favorites add-on that adds a dial for saving your favorite websites
 that presents itself as your home page.

and much more.

In terms of privacy Firefox features robust settings that will maintain users anonymity while on the web. Updates are rolled out regularly by the Mozilla team and browsers do not get any more intuitive than the beautiful user interface that is Firefox.

You may download this magnificent browser here: Firefox

See How to Add a Custom Speed Dial that will Increase Your Productivity 100% here.
2. Google Chrome

I call this the Convenient browser, just install and forget it, Chrome  will remember all your passwords and log in credentials, update itself & flash along with other critical software needed for it to run. Provided you log into you Google account;if you migrate to another computer or re-install windows after logging back in this baby will re-install all your preferences including the extensions,customization, themes and bookmarks you had before. Its so convenient it frightening.
The Chrome browser is only second to the veteran Firefox and could easily be number one.

Download and take here for a spin she runs like a dream : Chrome.

3. Opera Web Browser

Opera has been around for years and was the first alternative browser I had the pleasure of using when I first started in the PC field, this browsers most captivating feature in a unique built in dial that features your most visited sites and Opera keeps a unique way of showing you the elements of the page that are to be loaded and those that are with a number value. The Big O also gives a unique look to website elements that can only be described as the Opera experience.

Give it a test run by downloading it here: Opera

4. Safari.

Apples OS default browser that is also a option for PC users, brings the style and glamour of  Apple to the desktop PC. The Safari browser at first glance will wow you, with one of the most beautiful User interface and welcome pages to be attached to the welcome page of a browser.You will always want to press home and be captivated with its speed dial. The Safari Browser will feel right at home to Mack users, but will take some adjustments for long time PC users. The updates are rolled out frequently so there is no need to worry about been left behind by other browsers.

You may download this browser here: Safari

5. Internet Explorer

Yes we dear to place it here, but despite the bad rep Internet Explorer is the Grand daddy of all browsers: "Respect your elders now" . Despite the fact that internet explorer is way more advance than it us to be and features similar capabilities that can be found on the top browsers such as:Google Chrome and Firefox, its the most underrated browser based on public interest, but despite this its a very good browser so don't count internet explorer out. For those who take the time to use it you will find a very capable browser with very nice assets.

You may download this browser here: Internet Explorer.

Check out:
How to Add A Highly Customizable Speed Dial to FireFox

Let me know whats your Favorite Browser and Why?


  1. I user mozilla firefox for my default browser because it simple and fast loading, and many addon/extension support.

    But today Google developed Chrome for support google app like YouTube, Google+ etc..
    For New Google+ if you need to view with firefox, you must upgrade firefox to version 3.6+

    What do you think about firefox browser please share me too.
    :) voot.

    1. I use both, but I am really a true Firefox guy @ heart, they have great privacy features and customization's that makes everything more convenient. Than you Wutinunt for commenting.


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