Saturday, August 17, 2013

Microsoft's Affordable 720p HD Value Webcam that's a down right steal for the price

Microsoft is infamous for many things, but great affordable webcams is not one attribute that I would put up there alley in terms of exceptional performance. Despite this Microsoft has both Managed to excite and influence me into investing into what I have deemed: "One of the best webcams money can buy on the market today" the LifeCam Cinema 720p HD webcam.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD Webcam

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD Webcam

This webcam features a HD 720 p camera that capable of recording video at a whopping 30 FPS in a durable rust Aluminum construction body. The cameras auto focus feature will also make sure you are getting a pristine shot on whatever the camera is focused on. This works very well for showing off objects over Skype and detecting and focusing on faces.

The Built in Mike

The built in mike is quite impressive and is a welcomed addition to the device as it is able to produce super clear audio and with its built in noise cancelling technology there will be no need to worry about the mike picking up your voice for video chat or voice commands in Google Chrome.

Low light performance.

The life cam features clear high definition video that perfect for low light conditions, I was amazed at the ability of the webcam to excel at showing details in dark conditions and was one of my main points in purchasing this device. Literally you will be blown away by how well the camera can produce clear pictures in the worst of light condition. So if you are in an environment that is low on light or is not directly exposed to a window this cam has got your back.

Body construction
affordable 720p webcam

The device is constructed in a uni body aluminum and plastic construction that is both lightweight and durable. The cameras bezel is also flexible, which allows for a ergonomic flexibility for fitting it on wider LCD's to the razor thin led monitors.The webcams bezel also allows for full revolution of 360 degrees and vertical tilt.
affordable webcam
Fits perfectly on thin Displays
Full ability to rotate and tilt

Software Support

Seeing the LifeCam is built by Microsoft, the makers of the Windows Operating System (OS) the webcam is future proof . So there will be no worry for owners because as soon as Microsoft updates there OS to a new version of windows there is usually out of the box support or a prompt driver updates for your device,so you are safe.


1. Incredible low light performance.
2. Comes with a great webcam suit and also supports Cyberlink Youcam 
3. Flexible bezel to fit on virtually any surface.
4. Noise canceling or suppressing technology.
5. Rapid driver support for future versions of windows.(Future proof)

1. Webcams auto focus is useful but seems to readjust sometime at the worst opportune times.


The LifeCam is one of the best investments you can make in buying a webcam, I have no regrets with my purchase and I know you will not too,this thing seems like it could last forever.

To purchase this webcam or for more info click here.

See the New updated 1080p LifeCam click here.

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