Sunday, August 18, 2013

What the heck is a Favicon and how do I add one to My Blogger Blog?

create Facicon blogger
My Blogs Face on the internet.

What is a Favicon?

Well as you might be asking yourself; a favicon is simply put a Icon or trademark that represents your blog or website. It is as you might be thinking a unique  logo that represents you and your brand all across the internet. OK that should have answered the basic question, now on to the fun stuff.

What does a favicon look like and where does it Go?

Well a favicon looks something like the icon currently appearing in your browser tab for this website:
create Facicons blogger
My Favicon
Yes go ahead and look up, you know you want to.

What does it do and do I need one?

Well as was said in the intro a favicon is a representation of your brand, and if you know anything about brands you will know that a brand can either make or break a company or website. So if you think I will just wing it and stick with the plain Blogger classic favicon then I would advise you to  think again,get your own because a custom favicon does the following for you and your blog:

1.Increases your brand recognition, yes your blog is your brand so protect and promote it.
2. Makes your blog look more professional.
3. Sets you apart from the crowd.
4.  Looks cool as heck.
5. Increased readership, as readers can identify with your brand even before your blog title.

How do I get one and Implement it today?

Well in order to make a favicon there are several diffrent approaches that you might take, but for you my readers I will explore the fastest method to getting you one in a jiffy.

1. Go to website and there is a simple tool tat will help you in generating a cool favicon, the website is pretty straight forward simply use the color pallet to change colors and create a logo,when you are finished use the download option below the windows to get your brand spanking new favicon:
Favicon tool on

 Your favicon should look something like this when previewed and be as neat as possible:

You will start to see the preview immediately in the website by looking in the preview tab.
When satisfied download the favicon to your desktop:

create Facicons blogger
Icon on the Desktop

2. OK now that you have created your favicon simply install it by:
logging into your blogger account and go into layout:

create Facicons blogger
Edit Favicon option

3. Once you are in layout go to the top of the page and select Edit.
create Facicons blogger
Favicon Edit Menu

4. Browse for your Favicon that you placed on the desktop earlier and choose it from:Choose file and save.

5. Once you are in layout again, remember to save arrangement. That's it you are finished. Just a note readers you will find that the Icon will take some time to appear, so give it a day or so and it will turn up.

OK was this tutorial helpful? what do you think about favicons, do they really represent your brand on the internet? let Me know in the comments below.


  1. Thank so much for your share site service: this tool can create own favicon icon for built branding of blog or website owner
    I must follow your tips for test to create my blog brand again..

    very helpful content!

    1. You are welcome My friend glad to find out that my information has helped you to improve the brand that is your blog. There are other helpful tips you can find in my other articles, best of luck.

  2. Great idea about adding a favicon. I did mine a few months ago and it just makes you stand out a little more. I'm not tech savvy at all, but I found it very easy to do and only had to make sure that the size of the picture was right. I think everyone should try and have one too. Nice post Ricardo.

    1. Thank you my friend I find favicons to be very unique when adding a personal touch to your blog, all bloggers should get a personal one.

  3. Yep, it is easiest feature on blogger to change favicon. I added it easily but one my blogs it didn't appear even after 2 days, then I added favicon image code inside head section and it worked like a charm.
    Well, informative tutorial. thanks.

    Divya @smtutorial

  4. i could find my favicon in my files. Also i tried other pics, it kept saying that its too big and not a square picture. I dont understand!

    1. Favicons are very small and are 29 x 16 pixels or close to that size, so regular pictures are too large and they are only a few kb in size.
      When you create and download it, right click on the file in the download windows and select open folder and you will find it, simply move it to the desktop from here and when adding it just browse to the desktop and you will be fine.

  5. Thank you for this information. Instructions were easy to follow. Much appreciated.

  6. Thanks so much :D This was much needed!


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