Thursday, July 18, 2013

Easily Install A Custom Template or theme on Blogger 2013

Installing a custom Template in blogger

Lets all face it we love the themes that Google as provided on blogger (Wink,wink) but in order to have some sense of individuality we at some time or another must separate ourselves from the proverbial pack and make our mark by having a Template that shouts: "I am human and I am unique and special in my own way" and my blog should say that at a first glance.  Easier said than done, Wouldn't you love to do Just that? install a custom theme, then you have come to the rite place.

First step:

Download the theme of your choice, insure the theme file is in a .xml file format. If you do not have a theme already you can get one here at:, they have a nice gallery from which you can browse and choose an appropriate theme, that suits you and your style.

After selecting your theme Click on download (Not the one above that's a picture lol)

Make sure you extract the file from the zip folder by extracting it or opening the file and removing the .xml file by dragging to a desire location such as the desktop.

Second step:

Log into your blogger account and from the dashboard click on the more options drop down menu and select template:

Select template from the drop down menu

After selecting Template you should be seeing the screen depicting the current theme or template:

Click Pic for larger view!!!

In the upper right hand corner you will notice that there is a button that says backup/restore (Click picture above for larger view) click on this button, which will take you to this screen:

From the above screen, click on download full template to backup the current template you are about to replace as you might need it later. After backing up the template, click on the choose file button and browse for the .xml file you had downloaded from the first step or another you have collected from another website.

Browse for the xml file a select and open it
In the above case mine was on the desktop, after selecting open in the windows the file name will appear beside the choose button, select the upload button which should be highlighted, after this the theme will be loaded and you can close out the menu and preview the new look of your blog. Remember the process can be easily reversed by uploading the backed up default template in case of you needing to restore the default. Thats it go explore and find that theme that sets you apart.

If the content of your Blogs page is not fitting and you need more room or width on the webpage see this article.

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