Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Sony PlayStation 4 is dominating the console wars!

"Please note the following are my views, based on the current progress of the next generation gaming consoles. The following information is intended as a guide and not a bashing on any console or their fans. The information here in, is based on news articles and public opinion, with those of my own. Again thank you readers."
Sony PlayStation 4

So if you have not heard,the PlayStation 4 is bearing its claws and taking it's swipes at the renowned Microsoft Xbox One and making its mark. This years console wars is in full swing and the top Warring factions are not taking any prisoners. The PS4 is making no excuses,as all is fear in love and war: as The PS4 aims to capitalize on the the mistakes made by the Xbox One console and it's doing this with effective precision, much to the enjoyment of PS4 fan-boys everywhere.

The Damage so far:

1.      The PS4 is $100 dollars cheaper than the Xbox One. That’s big savings in my book; well this only applies to the Standard edition PS4 bundle,but still a major blow, take that Xbox One. So if affordability is a concern,Which I and you will agree it his, the PS4 is winning hearts and minds and I am very impressed with this decision by Sony,thank you Sony.
$100 Bucks Never Looked so Good!

2.      Exclusive Titles: The mouthwatering lineup keeps getting better every day as Sony roles-out exclusive titles that are destined for the PS4 and will not appear on any other console. That gives a heart warming feeling, why would you want every other console to have Gems such as:

Beat them up!!!!

All top tier titles we all want to play and for the most part have played in the past, that have proved us with hours of fun, are making a comeback with some new titles all for our enjoyment on the PS4.

3.The PS4 is not watching you like some devices (Caugh!!)

Yes the new Digital Rights Management system (D.R.M) of the Xbox can theoretically allow the device to monitor the user and serve up content that the user has bought exclusively to him, if someone else enters the room theoretically the Xbox one will seemingly pause or prompt the user to pay for the other party to view the content. Now readers note this is all theory right now and this might be scrapped or added later as part of the Xbox One update scheme, but the technology is there and Microsoft has the ability to use it. The PS4 knows better and has no such stringent D.R.M measures, feel free to enjoy your games, than having your every action being chaperoned by your tech, Heck No!.

4.      The PS4 will be able to use re-sold game discs –the Xbox One is in a grey area on this one and the fans are scrambling back and forth trying to decipher, Microsoft execs stance on this one, good luck with that one.In this recession gamers can rest easy knowing they can resell their titles and grab another game or cut the cost of their next purchase by reselling there PS4 games.

Old Games Can be accessed from the cloud

5.      The PS4 will be able to access your old games-not the discs, but through The PS4 Cloud service the gamers' who have legally bought PS1,PS2 or PS3 games will be able to access their old games via the cloud-Yay!!!.

6.       No always on or live: that sticks you with a ball and chain that requires that your device be connected constantly to the internet in order to play the games you spent your hard earned cash on,what a bummer. This is an ant-piracy measure thought up by the big wigs, with no consideration to us gamers',rest assured this is not on the PS4.

7.      Most developers are developing or planing to develop for the ps4: The truth of the matter is that the PS4 is more attractive to developers, they can focus more on what matters in gaming-"us the end users" and providing us with the most immersive gaming experience. The PS4 provides this along with some impressive hardware and less stringent restrictions than the XBox One does.

8.      The PS4 is all round Inovative: with revolutionary features such as "sweat detection" built into the controller. Don't ask me how Sony intends to use this feature however the dual shock 4 features sweat detection technology that allows the developers to integrate nifty features in games to take advantage of the anxiety you are facing and translate this into greater immersion. If you know you your palms are sweaty please stand up!.
Dual Shock 4

9.   Other Key features:

a.Blu-ray Player built in.
B. Instant on: Console powers on and off instantly.
c. Sleek new look.
d. Improved controller design.

To me its clear which system I am going to get for the next Generation of consoles, Have you chosen a side?, If that side is the PlayStation 4 you can Pre-order your PS4 console here @ Amazon.com. 
Grab yours before they are sold out and you are caught in the infinite loop of back orders.

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  1. You can re-sell your xbox one games also. They've reverted their DRM policies.

    If your kinect were spying on you and sending information forward, do you seriously think that tech-people wouldn't notice it. They'd just look at how much data is being uploaded. That would put Microsoft into deep trouble. They aren't stupid.

    So time to take off that tinfoil hat and come back to reality.

    Xbox one has exclusive titles also. One could argue that their exclusives are more interesting than PS4's. It is completely based on what you like.

    All in all, your blog-post doesn't help much since factually there are lots of flaws.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I accept and respect all points of views.
      My post is intended to highlight my views on the current progress of the consoles that have yet to be released, and they are Just that: my views, based on recent news reports and revelations on the consoles.
      You yourself said the Xbox one reverted their D.R.M Policies, that's shows consideration on XBOX ones path, but they had it just the same.
      Your point on the surveillance might be true,but we all were so surprised recently when revelations were made on the mass surveillance by the CIA -PRISM program and the scale of data collection revealed by Edward Snowden, Just saying that we may not be aware as we think.
      The PS4 is not perfect and my views are just to point out that the PS4 seems to be the more attractive of the two consoles.
      Again these are Just my views my friend, peace and love.


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