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Getting Your TV to Work with your Gaming PC and correcting Display Issues that You Might Have with Pc and TV gaming

Getting Your TV to Work with your Gaming PC and correcting Display Issues that You Might Have with PC and TV gaming

Connect Pc to TV
47 inch LG TV with Gaming PC Connected


Gaming Rig
Gaming Rig

I am a avid gamer and PC enthusiast and one of my biggest Issues was gaming on a small 23 or even 27 inch monitor, then I set out to correct this, so I got a 47 inch LG TV and I have been gaming on it ever since. My 23 inch Samsung is all but forgotten now, because gaming on a mammoth of a TV is too cool and fun to go back. So take your Gaming to the next level by grabbing Just a few items and turning that TV if you have one already,into the ultimate gaming machine, or maybe you just need to nip that display issue where the display looks quite awful. So here you go ladies and gents.

What you will need:

1.      A solid and very long HDMI cable.
2.      A reliable and long range Mouse and keyboard
3.      Large TV- 40 inches and above for best experience.
4.      Gaming Rig or PC (You should have this already or why else would you be here)
5. Gaming controller-Xbox 360 wired or wireless Controller recommended.
6. A reliable headset and Mouse pad.

I must strongly endorse the : Microsoft wireless 800D keyboard and mouse above, as my first experience with a wireless system was Logitech and those babies were eating me alive with battery cost, not to mention how quickly the mouse would chew through a set of batteries. The 800D on the other hand has me changing the mouse battery only every 2-3 months and I have yet to change the keyboard batteries after a years use. To boot i can control the computer from another room, hows that for range? for even better savings i recommend you get a set of rechargeable both in double and tipple "A" and you should be good.

Connecting it all

1.      Connect the PC via the Graphics card "HDMI port" (or other port) to the "HDMI port" of your TV.

2.      Power the PC on and the TV set, from the TV set -switch the source of the display from "TV mode" to another input channel usually: "HDMI", if you are using the recommended HDMI cable and not another type of connection. Notice some TVs have multiple "HDMI inputs", note the number of the one you are using for your PC and connect it VIA that one. The Input button or source button on your remote or set should show the number, cycling through the options: HDMI 1, 2,3 and so on, until the number on which the PC is connected is reached.

23 inch PC Monitor- not TV Set

3.      From your "PC monitor" yes you will need to use the monitor until the PC is switched to the display of your TV. From your desktop (I am using windows 8 but the principles should be similar on other Operating Systems) right click and click on properties- then display-Adjust resolution and then you should see the screen resolution screen as below. 

Right click from desktop of your "monitor".

Select Display in the lower left of the screen

Select Adjust Resolution in the upper Right of the screen

Screen resolution Windows

Just simply in the area that says multiple Displays switch it from display one (1) to display two (2). The TV should flicker and display an image of your PC after confirming by pressing the "OK button", be sure to confirm the switch in the popup windows on the TV to prevent it switching back. You can switch back to the monitor at any time by reversing the process.

TV Before Connection is made

After Connection

Adjusting the set for best appearance or Getting Rid of Fussy look or screen been outside the display range

In a perfect world it would be install it and leave it, but things are ever hardly perfect, so lets make it so, by now most of you will come to realize that by default the display will look down wright horrible the first time you connect the display but do not despair you did not make the journey to the great mountain for nothing. Simply the display needs some fine tuning and has nothing to do with the fact that this will not work for you. Simply follow this video I have produced for you, if you are tired of reading:

For my more adventurous friends or those who might have come here for further details here is the written format:
NB. This will also work for other television sets,brands and models, you just have to do a little bit of improvising once you understand the principles here.

OK so on with it: 
First on your remote press the "menu key"

LG Remote for button reference
 The following screen should popup as below, select the second to last option that says input,and press enter on the remote.

Connect Pc to TV
Navigate to the input Option

Next from the connected device that should only be highlighted when connected select HDMI 1 or the number to which you have connected your PC. DO not press enter as you might be tempted to, notice there is a blue icon at the bottom right of the screen that says "input label" .Press the blue color coded button on the remote, yes the one towards the bottom of the remote that beside the other colored button. See the remote above for reference.
Select HDMI 1
 You should now be seeing the screen below,if you are not, you have done something wrong, review the above step. If you made it here, use the harrow keys on the remote to move either right or left ,the menu will cycle through the options. Select the one that best fits your tastes.

Switch the TV between the various options: Blue-ray,PC, Setop box etc.

For most people they will select the PC settings, that should do it for you.
Connect Pc to TV
PC setting

 But in my case I have discovered for a balance of color and contrast for watching HD movies and gaming the Blue ray option gives me the best results on this LG TV. for Samsung TV I have realized the PC option works just fine or maybe its just preference, but one thing is clear however after first connecting the PC to my TV it was hideous and text was unreadable, only after setting to PC and blue-ray was I able to find the perfect balance for my set. I also recommend that you adjust the color settings as this will put the finishing touches on this project.

So what are you waiting for hop to it and get the tools you need from above to start this crazy adventure, trust me this will add a whole other level of immersion to your gaming.

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