Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to fix any video Playback Issue on your computer 100% guaranteed Fix

My YouTube Video are not playing correctly or I cant get a Video  file to play

Video come up Blank with or without audio

So you are on YouTube and your video wont play or buffer correctly, you pop over to your favorite video streaming website only to find that the audio plays but no video. Your friend send you a video file you double click on the file but it refuses to play, what do you do?

All the following problems can be solved by following the following steps:

1. Download and install k-Lite Mega Codec pack the latest edition and VLC
2. Updating your Adobe flash player to the latest edition.
3. Update Java run time environment.
4. Update your browser to the latest edition:
Google chrome
5. Update your video drivers by visiting your graphics or motherboard manufacturer website. (Optional step if 1-4 fails)

Reason for the above steps:

1. Updating or using the above Codec Pack and VLC Media player will solve approximately 90% of your video playback problems as the recommended media players are excellent at decoding video. If the above players fails you both in playback of any video file -I recommend "you delete said video file as it must be garbage". I have yet to find a video that both players cannot decode and I watch a lot of videos from the internet that come in a variety of formats when they are downloaded to my computer.

2. Adobe flash player is essential in decoding flash content on websites including your YouTube videos, most people have not a clue why those things are important but its equally important to update to the latest edition as soon as a stable release is out. So check the links regular to insure you are up to date with the latest edition.

3. Java like flash player is needed by websites to run different feature and gadgets,website tools and so forth, that you use so often, so updating this plays a big part in video playback and the correct functioning of content on a webpage.

4. The latest version of your browser usually have stability fixes and improved video handling capability so update this as soon as they are updated, be sure to check the above links for the latest versions.

5. When last have you updated your video drivers? if you are not a gamer you might think this as been a waste of your time but outdated video drivers will have issues handling new flash content and video decoding. So go to your video card manufacturers website or laptop manufacturer and update to the latest editions.

For android or other tablet based devices go to you play or app store and update the necessary components included in this guide, that includes your browser and latest firmware versions of tablet or phone. This will nip those video stutters and lack of viewable playback.

If you do all the above consistently e.g. once a month or so I guarantee you will not be crying and asking why does my video do not play either offline or online.

Test to see if your video works by watching this video after following the above steps

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