Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Improve the speed of your computer by giving it a good cleaning using one simple tool in a few minutes.


What you will Need:

  -CCleaner of course (Free)

   -A little time or Allot if your computer registry is dirty.


Install and launch the downloaded free CCleaner from above link or here. At the home screen of the CCleaner program as seen below:

Home screen or launch page of the program.

Check the appropriate boxes

Check the appropriate boxes as seen in the pick provided above, but be warned that checking the saved password clearing feature for any of the browsers above will result in you been logged out of any website you may have opted to "remember me" or "Remember my password". So to prevent that or your preferences for a particular website being lost uncheck the following boxes:
Boxes to uncheck in your preferred browser eg. Firefox, to save your preferences and customization for websites.

By un-checking the boxes above you will not be logged out of your favorite websites or loose your preferences. This should be done under the appropriate heading weather your browser of choice is: firefox, Google Chrome or whatever it may be will show up in the CCleaner context menu.
Next click analyse and the program will scan and tell you how much space it will free up on your computer. A dirty registry or computer will have several hundred Megabytes or Gigabytes. The cleaner registry or computer will not have much. Analyzing is a good way of judging if its time to clean your computer as well. If you are satisfied then click the "run cleaner" button, at this point a prompt will appear warning you about deleting data, go ahead and click OK
Next select the select the registry option in the lower left hand corner of the screen as seen here:

Selecting Registry Option

Select the button that says: "Scan for Issues" and allow it to scan.

Select the button at the bottom highlighted in yellow"Scan For Issues"

The program should give you the detected registry errors. Click "Fix selected Issues" and say no to the accompanying backup notice (You may backup the registry in case you might need to rollback the changes). Next click "Fix all selected Issues" and close the windows after completing the cleaning.

Click: "Fix Selected Issues"

Select: "No" 

Click: "Fix all selected Issues"

There you go. Also the free version is adequate for all your needs,but in case you need it here is a link to the paid profession version of CCleaner.


I recommend for a healthy PC that you repeat the above procedures a few times until the Errors that the program finds is eliminated or reduced to a few, some will be reoccurring so clean the browsers until only a few megabytes or kilobytes remains.

Repeat this practice once a month for those who use their PC sparingly and weekly for the Internet guru whose all over the web.

This should significantly improve your PC speed and save you a trip to the technician in the future, trust me.

Other Recommended programs

While the CCleaner is enough to clean your PC it is recommended that you use a trusted antivirus or a Internet security suit for those who are online allot. I recommend the following Antivirus/Internet security Suit:

For readers that may have questions please post your questions below in the comments,or request: how to articles or videos on tech problems you might have,I would be glad to help in any way possible.


  1. Great article I was able to remove quite a bit of junk that was building up on my PC, never knew it was so much, my browser and computer is running much smoother. Thanks.

    1. It is always a surprise to me as well when I am cleaning a friends or a clients PC to see how much junk turns up, glad to help.


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