Friday, October 3, 2014

How to save Battery Life on Any Android Device?

Making it through the day with even a little reserve charge is a miraculous feet now a days and if you can do it you are considered to be the Houdini of Tech. All things considered it very difficult to actually make it through a entire day without ruining for your phones life line in the form of a charger.

If you want to save Battery life and make sure that your phone can make it through a day on a single charge requires that you get very creative and maximize your battery life by following the following tips: 

Practical Tips that Will Save Your Battery Life 

save Battery Life on Any Android Device
Extend Battery Life

1. Go into settings and disable automatic screen brightness and adjust the brightness to a comfortable level that you can see clearly as close to the lowest setting as possible.

2. Use a simple dark background as your wallpaper without overly complicated designs and crazy colour pallets.

3. Uninstall any bloatware and unnecessary Apps.

4. Stop any App that's not system critical that chooses to run in the background.

5. Download a cleaner app from the play store and use it to remove junk files that's slowing your device down and hogging processing resources and eventually draining the battery.

6. When possible if you are using mobile data, WiFi or Bluetooth disable them as they are not been used and only turn them on intermittently through the day.

7. Notifications and Apps that Push notices or updates to your phone are data hogs and eventually a power drainer. Take the time to disable the auto update feature only have them send you notifications when you request it.

8. Consider running a light custom ROM that's great with battery life and all the normal bloatware has been stripped from it.

9. Play less mobile 3D intensive Games when you know you will be away from a power outlet for long periods.

10. Consider investing in a power bank especially if you are on Android Smartphone. You can check your best options of Battery Banks .

11. Enable the Android power saving Mode for when the battery reaches its Lowest point for added protection and don't check your phone every second obsessively.
save Battery on Any Android Device
Save Battery to do more

Those tips are the ones that I use on a daily basis to get me through the day will charge to spear, the thing about batteries that we all have to realize is that the technology has not change from the first time it was invented and technology keeps on advancing which requires more and more energy from a old technology. So we have to get really creative if we want to see progress in preserving battery life until a new form of battery is invented. 

Please take the time to leave a comment, we would love to hear your thoughts and best tips on saving battery life.

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