Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Seagate Overly Under priced 2 Terabyte External Hardrive.

Seagate 2 Terabyte
Seagate 2 TB STBV2000100 External Hard Drive
Seagate has managed to create one of the most reliable and under priced storage unit to hit the shelves this year in the form of the: Seagate 2 TB External Hard drive STB2000100. The storage unit is humbly priced in the modest $80 price range with all the premium features that are expected from top of the line drives of this capacity.

When compared to competing products from other drive manufacturers, the Seagate was found to be of  equal quality if not better, with the competing drives costing as much as $60 plus dollars more than the Seagate. One such unit that provided equal quality and had the same features but was way overpriced in comparison was the Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2 TB portable external hard drive.

 The Storage unit comes in 1 to 4 Terabyte units, however the 2 and 3 terabyte units offer users the most bang for their buck. The other units were not worth the purchase when the cost per Gigabyte was considered.

For the minimal cost users receive a whopping 2 Terabytes of storage for storing there favorite Multi media content, and because its all external there is no need to worry about loosing your data as this is a portable unit that's independent of your computers operating system and will not go down if your computer crashes, so store away.

The unit comes prepacked with all the required components needed for immediate operation which includes: USB 3 data cable, manual, the drive and the standard power adapter.

Out of the box the Seagate 2 TB and by extension the 3 TB supports super fast transfer times by USB 3.0 and with its hassle free installation its basically plug and play when attached to any windows based platform and it works perfectly on Apple devices as well. The Seagate will however require external power and cannot be totally powered by USB, which is expected for drives of this size.

The reviewed version is marketed as the desktop version, however this does not limit the units ability to work along with portable laptops and other devices that can access the drive via USB, what distinguishes this version from the other Non desktop versions is that Non desktop versions come with a smaller unit and are usually fitted with a laptop sized 2.5 inch hard drive for maximum portability.While this unit and other desktop portable hard drive units sport the much larger 3.5 standard desktop sized hard drives.

The Seagate 2 TB weights 2 pounds and is 7 inches x 4.65 in diameter which makes it a bit weighty but highly portable and best of all the unit is well constructed and made from durable materials guaranteed to protect the 3.5 inch hard drive it protects for years to come.

The unit is also compatible with all versions of windows including windows 8, so if you are worried that this will not work on your new windows 8 device you can place your fears at ease.

Finally tame your growing hunger for storage and offload the hassle off your main PC and store your media files such as: photos, MP3's,video files and much more unto the Seagate 2 TB external Hard drive today.

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