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The best laptop or tablet carrying Case Full stop.

I was recently in the market for a laptop bag on amazon when I came across the “Case Logic VNA-216 16-inch inch laptop Attaché”, let me just say in terms of build quality this is one of the best laptop bags out there in the higher echelons of quality, with an affordable price tag and trust me I have been around the block as my friends are all professionals and sport there laptops in bags of all makes and models, which tend to fall apart sooner than later.

One year old 10 inch case logic tablet attache (Bag) on the left

I first bought the 10 inch version, which I am still sporting today and it’s as solid as when I bought it after a full year of abuse and pressure. Trust me “I go all out and leave this thing lying all around the apartment and over the place”. With that in mind I ordered the 16 inch version with much confidence for my laptop, as it had worked so wonderfully for my tablet. Now on to the review:

Amazon Package-Yay!!!!!!

This laptop, net-book or tablet carrying case comes in the following sizes:
10 inch
10.2 inch
14.1 inch
16 inch
And 17 inch

Choose your size on retailers such as Amazon and eBay based on the size of your device, which may be a laptop or tablet etc. This review is based solely on the 16 inch version which was bought recently and reference made to the 10 inch version which was bought for my tablet approximately a year ago.
The 10 inch was an exact fit for my 10 inch tablet which was an Acer iconia a500 even with a thick leather case on. The 16 inch version works just the same for an equivalent laptop size. Smaller laptops do not fit as snug and reduces the protection so aim for an exact fit that matches your device size.

10 inch tablet fits the 10 inch bag perfectly

Size match up of the 16 inch version with a laptop

Colors Galore

The pallet of colors include: Tannin, Brown and Black

The model bought was black-I recommend black as it looks sleek and most importantly it does not show up dirt and grime as easily.


The case logic VNA-216 is very minimalistic and saves on space as it is less bulky than most laptop bags which being just the right bit of sleek and thickness to protect your beloved electronics that it may house. It features smooth tapered edges and intuitive design in the placement of all the pouches and holding areas.

Carrying Strap

What can I say it holds the bag firmly and is durable and this is no easy feat as I have had bags whose life had been cut short by a flimsy build quality where it counts the most, the strap.
This case is well build as the 10 inch version which I have owned for a year shows very little sign is wear or tear and could take on a few more years with ease. My only complaint however is the metal clasps that hold the straps in place as they tend to rust after a while, this is barely noticeable and they still retain their strength after all this time and pressure and shows no signs of weakness.

Easy Access pockets




This bag sports three pockets:

1. The main pocket which houses the device, which is well padded and insulated for protection and
2. A sub pocket that can hold various trinkets such a cellular phones, flash drives and pens just to name a few.
3. The last pocket is an easy access pocket and by far the smallest, but not the least as I often tuck important items on the fly here as it features a quick lock zipper.


This is by far one of the best bags I have had the pleasure of owning and is a clear winner and a logical choice. I have chosen and bought dozens of bags for my friend and as such it places me in a unique position to objectively identify a solid bag when I see one. This is the bag to own, you should go to amazon and buy one if you are in the market for a bag. This bag gets my full seal of approval as a reliable laptop or tablet carrying case. 

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