Sunday, June 1, 2014

Windows XP support until 2019

The following mod will extend your Windows XP Support Until 2019 and allow you to get security updates. This is a welcomed mod, as you may know that Microsoft official support of Windows XP has ended and this may be your last chance to keep a hold on one of the best operating systems that Microsoft has ever made.

windows xp support
Extend Windows XP Support an additional Five (5) years

Please note that this is not an official mod but it will work to actually allow you to get support and security patches to extend your Windows XP support beyond the Microsoft cut off for the next five (5) years until the year 2019. Lets hope that Microsoft does not decide to cripple this mod.

Why Extend Windows XP Support for Updates?

Well if you do not know, Windows XP was one of the most stable and user friendly operating systems that Microsoft created which is widely loved. Due to the powers that be after a period of time every operating system is cut off and will stop receiving updates, forcing the end User to update or suffer the risk of running an unsupported  OS with security flaws that will not be patched due to the lack of support. This can leave a critical system vulnerable to attack from viruses and hackers.

The thing here that many people still run XP and cannot update because there business run on software that only natively run on XP and updating is not a choice for now. So if you are in a boat like this, then simply extend the support with this mod.

How does it work?

Some companies that need to keep running Windows XP and are not willing to update right now pay Microsoft for the extended support beyond the windows support cut off. This support is not for regular home users by default.

One such system that did not get its support discontinued was Windows Embedded Industry or Windows Embedded POSReady which still receives updates. Seeing its very similar to Windows XP service pack 3 they can essentially use the same updates. This mod enables the update for that system and allows XP to be updated with its still supported updates which which will last until 2019 giving you plenty of time.

 How to Get Windows XP Support updates?

By default the servers will of course detect that you are actually using windows XP and stop you so to get the updates:
(Note that this will only work on Windows XP Service pack 3 and as always back up your critical files in case something goes wrong)

1.  Open notepad and copy and paste the following snippet of code into it without the lines:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
2. Save the file as WinXPMod and change the extension from .txt to .reg, this will make the file a executable registry file.
3. Now simply save it to your desktop and double click the file and add to registry
4. That's it you can now update as you desire because of the changes you made to the registry.

If you want to manually initate the check for updates: Hit start, then run- "wuauclt.exe /detectnow" without the quotes and hit run.

Would love to know if this works for you or not, if it did don't be a meanie and leave a comment.

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