Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to switch Audio devices in windows 8

Switching Audio output devices
switching audio devices
Switching Audio Devices

So you have decided to use your PC as an alternative source of audio output for a new set of speakers, a TV, or home entertainment system but you have now come to realize that while you do know where you want the audio to play windows has not the slightest idea and switching between audio devices in windows is a pain.
So to jump to it, in order to switch windows audio streams you need to:

1. From the windows 8 desktop rest the cursor in the upper right hand corner of the screen and the new side bar should appear.

2. Select settings and go to control panel.

3. From here select sound:

Select Sound
4. From the sound control panel:

Select the desired audio device and freely switch between them by highlighting it and choose set as default device.
Note only connected devices will be visible, disconnected devices will be grayed out and the set as default button will be inactive until the device is connected.


  1. go tjeck nircmd. it is possible with that to make an icon thats change the default soundcard

    1. Not to my Knowledge, you have to change it manually as directed above.


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