Thursday, May 29, 2014

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse dreamteam

microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse
The Microsoft wireless desktop 800 

It's very hard to find a reliable Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo nowadays, however the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse the: Microsoft wireless desktop 800 does a pretty affordable and effective job that too good to look over.

 The Microsoft wireless desktop 800 is just priced right at an affordable and rock bottom price of just usually over $20 US. I know you are probably thinking what could this little thing do for such a low price? Let me highlight some of the benefits as I am typing this article using my two (2) year old wireless desktop 800 sitting comfortably on my couch.

Features of the Microsoft wireless Keyboard desktop 800 that sweetens the deal

microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse

1. The Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse set is simply well designed and very light weight which makes using the keyboard and mouse quite easy unlike many other keyboards and wireless mouse sets already out there.

Right now mines rested on my lap and the mouse on a couch cushion. I have a mouse pad and a lap rest but have never found a need to use them as it just works. If you are wondering how I can see my monitor from such a distance, it is because the computer is connected to my large screen Television set. 

2. Range: This thing is so good that I can literally control my PC from the other room through very thick walls and this is not a claim I have tested it for the fun of it and it actually works flawlessly.Let me see you try that with a way more expensive version.

3. The Microsoft wireless Keyboard desktop 800 has superior battery life. This was always one of the reasons I hated wireless mouse sets,which was the short battery life. This set actually does not drain battery's fast and the mouse which is the biggest energy hog will keep a set of Duracells for about 2-3 months without needing changing and the keyboard is a champ, I only changed the battery once in the two (2) years I have owned it.

Be sure to grab a set of rechargeable Duracell batteries as well and this money saver will pay for itself in the long run. 

4. Durable: The Microsoft Wireless 800 is very durable and mine as I have indicated is two (2) years old and counting. During that time other than the faded Microsoft branding on the mouse the wireless Keyboard looks as great as the day I bought it and all the functions are still working at 100%.
5. The Keyboard and mouse have a great yet simple warning LED system that indicates whenever your batteries are about to die, this is very convenient and actually allows you to get new batteries ready or charge your rechargeables in anticipation of the swap.

Con: The one negative that I can actually see from this device is that if you are a gamer this might not be the best choice of Wireless Keyboard and mouse, please note that it does a great job with Gaming however this is no Gaming mouse and keyboard set. 

So that concludes our review of the Microsoft wireless Keyboard desktop 800 which is the best wireless keyboard I have ever had the pleasure of owning, before this device I had all but given up on wireless keyboards as they had drained my batteries too fast and was eating a hole in my pockets. Since this set I can safely say I will never buy another brand wireless set again unless it's this series.

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