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Blogger SEO Tips for Sucess

Blogger SEO tips
Blogger SEO Tips

If you are using the Blogger platform to host your blog then sooner or later you are going to run into the need to optimize your articles so search engines can better index your content and send some organic traffic your way. We are here to help you to  achieve that goal with our Blogger SEO tips.

What is SEO?

The word SEO is a abbreviated form the the longer term "Search Engine Optimization" and is a term that was coined during the digital age and simply means that you are preparing your articles and website in such a way that the search engines such as Google and Bing will be better able to find and tell what your content is about and ultimately provide it to the intended audience in search.

Blogger and SEO

The first thing that you will notice about  Blogspot SEO is that unlike WordPress (if you are familiar with the platform) there is no plugin to make the process simple and seamless.
Instead the process can be long and tedious and is basically a shot in the dark unless you know what you are doing.

But do not worry as we have compiled a list of the best Blogger SEO tips that will have you fully Search Engine optimized and gaining Organic traffic in no time.

The Essential of Blogger SEO tips:

If you follow the recommendations and tips below you will be better able to optimize your articles and reap the benefits each time you post a new article.

1. Focus Keyword: Always select a focus for your article or a focus key word around which your article will be written. Its recommended that you write this down.

If you are familiar with Keyword research this would be a great time to research your keyword to ensure its actually worth writing about. After you are finished and made up your mind on a suitable keyword proceed.

Keyword Example: "Black Friday"

2. Post Title: Make sure your focus keyword appears in the title of your post in the exact order, you may also include phrases before and after the keyword.

Example: "Black Friday 2014 Best deals"

-This is great as your keyword will appear both in the title and the URL or permalink of the page. To control this directly in the post edit screen look to the right select permalink and custom permalink to edit it to your liking.

3. Content: Be sure to write an interesting article thats beneficial to your readers and include your focus keyword within the first paragraph of your article. Bolding it once also is a good idea.

Use the exact keyword 2-3 times naturally within every 500 words or so of your article any more and you could run into trouble with search engines for spamming your article and not providing quality.

4. Headings: Include the Keyword in your Article Headings, especially your first  heading or sub-heading.
Also include it a few more headings throughout your article and do not over do it.

5. Content Length: Try to make your article at least 500 words or more, Google does not like skinny content. Also its a good idea to include variations of your keyword through out your article and not only the exact one as used in this article.

6. Add Hyperlinks: As best as possible add at least one relevant hyperlink to some tool or article relating to your post.

7. Include pictures and ALT Text Properties:
Blogger SEO tips
Image properties
To access the image properties menu with the ALT Text feature simply insert a picture into your article click on it and a bunch of options should appear.

From the options select: properties and the menu above will show up. This is a great place to put your Focus keyword, remember to keep it about four words long or so. The ALT text should always be your focus keyword, the title text however can either be a repeat of the focus keyword if you cannot be bothered to change it or the title of the picture being shown that will show only on mouse over of the picture.

Please note that the image properties feature is meant to assist Search bots in indexing your articles pictures as they cannot see pictures, and this setting helps them identify the content of pictures for indexing in search or image search.
Blogger SEO tips
Enable Meta tags

8.Post Meta Tags: Have you ever been in search and notice that there is a quick clip that describes what the article is about along with the title? Well with meta tags instead of having them auto generate you can choose to control what searchers see, which can be great to hook them into clicking on your results in search more often.

To enable this go to your Blogger dashboard, select settings and then search preferences, edit and enable the Meta tag feature that disabled by default as seen above. You will then set the default meta Description for your entire blog here and save.

Whenever you go back to the post edit screen you will now notice a Search description box to the right of the screen. Place your article description here and be sure to include your focus keyword, you are limited to 156 characters, not words but characters eg. Cat is 1 word with 3 characters. Also spaces and punctuation marks also count.

So as we have promised we have showed you how to improve your SEO with Blogger SEO tips that will improve your rankings with the search engines. Trust me if you follow these tips with good keywords and a well written article their will be no limit to the traffic that will come your way.

If you have any comments or concern please feel free to leave a message below. Also now that you have optimized your article I recommend that you read:I have written a viral Blog Article, So now what?


  1. good job i needed this. will try and optimize more often or efficiently.

  2. Thank you,keep working on these blogger SEO tips and you will definitely see an increase in your website traffic.


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