Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PC Games No sound FIX

I am sure you are here today out of share frustration as you have installed a new PC game only to have the sound not work or work only partially. This no sound issue can occur in any Game and happens either at a point in Games or at the very start, this includes in intro video sequences as well.

You may loose audio or sound totally or the Game starts with Audio and then it cuts out. In some cases you even have background sound but no dialogue or you cannot hear what characters are saying.I have personally seen this issue allot of times so let me assist you with a relatively easy fix for this issue for Windows users.

How to Fix No sound Issues in Games?

PC Games No sound FIX


To fix such a issue you will need to:

1. Go to your computers Audio control Manager such as Realtek or another brand based on your computer.
2. Under speaker configuration set the mode to Stereo, and make sure that the front left and right speakers are being used.
3. Go back to your Game and this will most likely bring back the Audio to full working condition.

As an alternative you can do the same thing by right clicking on volume control and going to Playback devices. Then selecting your speakers with the green tick and selecting configure and then selecting stereo and front left and right from the next screen and finishing the setup which will give you the same effects as above of restoring your Games Audio.

This will not work in all cases but in most cases where you are having issues in a PC Game you should try this to actually get your Audio problems fixed.

If you have found that this has worked for a particular Game please share the name of the Game in the comments to let other users know to save them valuable time in fixing such an issue.

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