Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Find files on Android for Android file transfer on your computer

If you have ever been in the Android file system you will quickly realize its not the easiest place to navigate especially when you are trying to find key files that you may need to locate to perform a Android file transfer on your computer, for example trying to find My Pictures Folder to back up your Gallery Pictures to your PC.

In today article we are going to guide you through finding the most important locations in the Android file system.
How to find your Way around the Android File System?
Find Files directly on the Android File System

How to Find Gallery Pictures and Videos in the Android File System?

To find your Gallery Pictures go to:
1. Internal Storage or local storage (For those on your Phone directly) 
2. Find a folder marked DCIM
3. Find Camera and all your pictures will be located here along with your video files.

OR for SD Card:

1. Go to SD Card, then DCIM folder.
2. Camera folder and that's it.

Find WhatsApp Pictures

Whats App pictures are downloaded to your Gallery by default but a separate copy is also kept in a sent folder within WhatsApp that you can retrieve:

1. Local storage if the App is directly on your phone
2. Find WhatsApp folder.
3. Media and now if you select WhatsApp images you can see what pictures you received or the ones that you have sent in a sent folder. Even if the pictures were deleted from Gallery or from WhatsApp they will still be here.

WhatsApp Video and voice notes contain the audio and so on that were sent or received in WhatsApp also.

Find Screen Captures

If you create a screen capture then you can find it in:

1. Device storage or internal storage.
2. Pictures Folder and find screenshots and inside are all your screen shots you have taken.

Find downloads Folder

Downloads folder is located in Local Storage and a folder marked downloads, your files will be inside.

Note that you can find any file normally by browsing to the Local storage root directory of the phone and looking for a folder with a name of the App that created it and simply open that folder and browse for what you are looking for unless its been given another name or hidden.    

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