Thursday, February 13, 2014

I have written a Viral Blog Article, So what now?

Promote your blog posts
Get your Articles Noticed.

Most Bloggers think they know what should be done after writing a Hit Article but if you write the worlds best article and no one sees it, its like composing Beethoven's ninth symphony and hiding it under the bed were no one will ever find it any time soon.

And if someone were to find it by some blind luck it might be past the time it could have had its full impact on the internet and our way of thinking or viewing a concept.

So after spending time polishing a great article Bloggers should know that there work is only half finished. The next step is promotion and most bloggers fail miserably in this regard. Now readers by promotion I do not mean spamming the internet with links to your article but placing your Article in the correct position to be discovered by its potential readers.

How to Begin Promoting after Finishing A Masterpiece?

The first logical thing to do is post that bad boy, and then begin the tedious wait-as butterflies flock your stomach...

Wrong the last thing you should ever do is wait! right after posting you need to start using your big guns and light a flair than can be seen at the ends of the internet by:

Ping The Search Giants

Yes by pinging services such as Google and other Blog indexing serves, you are essentially taking the mountain to Mohammed in a matter of speaking and you are already wining the race. These various services Can be contacted all at once by a simple little website called:

Simply use the link above and fill in the particulars about your blog or website and check off the services you desire to tell you have updated and ping away. As an added convenience you can then bookmark the link after pinging and simply load the bookmark in the future,when you create your next hit article.

Go nuts on social media!

This is an obvious step and most bloggers can do this in their sleep. But add another dimension by Joining a group on your social media of choice. I recommend checking out Facebook and Google plus groups as a great training ground to sow your wild oats. Also do not be selfish and check out others content which bring me to my next point:

Go out and comment on others Articles (Not for the reason you are thinking)

Yes I know you might think the last thing to do is to go out and build others blogs  and websites when yours is dying for some attention, but quite the contrary, internet Karma is a strange thing if you make your presence be know on other Blogs, others will soon seek you and your content out. Simply think of your comments as not being a means of leaving a spammy backlink but as an indirect recommendation to show other your unique views and position on topics of common interest.

It's basically getting Air time on others blogs for free and best of all readers tend to remember a face or name so users will know that it is you.

Make your content Too easy not to share

One reader is potentially an infinite source of other readers. See what I mean here:

John goes to a Blog and find a very interesting piece of content that solves a long lasting issues that he has been having with his Laptop, after fixing the issue he then remembered that his best friend had the same issue. John now wishes to share the knowledge he has gained-Guess what,he now has to search your blog for a means of sharing and gets discouraged when it's too much of a hassle and gives up.
From experience its best to place a sharing Button with all the major social media option to the left of your content. See ours stalking you as you read and at the end of this article should you miss it there is another strip of sharing options, so be sure to have your bases covered.

The Icing on the proverbial cake

One sure fire way of telling you that your content as made it to viral status other than the views it has received and social media shares is to look at the comments of those who were compelled to comment and share their opinions. 
Comments are a great place to polish up your article and solve new problems as well as add to your content. So be sure to engage your readers and have them comment as much as possible, this will push your article to the next level in getting traffic.

The concepts might seem basic but the fundamentals are always the key. Many might make them seem overly complicated but the key is being consistent and sticking to your guns. We would love to hear from you in the comments below,so show the comment section some love with your views and opinions.

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