Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blogger Pages so simple a baby could do it.

blogger pages
Create blogger pages.

Blogger Pages are a must have on any blog and this stays true even for blogger blogs. Recently Blogger did a major revamp of there pages and it now possible to actually see key statistics of your pages and what views they receive.

Also if you are a part of the Adsense program its very important that you have key pages such as: Privacy Policy, about and a contact page. So if you do not know what a page is or how to start one its critical that you learn now.

How to create a Blogger Pages

To create a blogger page log into your blogger or blogspot account using your Google account information:
1. From the blogger dashboard select your blog and click on the drop down arrow seen in yellow:
blogger pages

2. From the drop down select: Pages.
3. You will now be able to create your own pages by selecting: New page as highlighted below:
blogger pages
Create New Pages

4. For pages to appear be sure to  publish them after you have created the page.
5. Go back to the dashboard and click on the dashboard drop down arrow once more and go to layout this time. From layout look for pages and edit.
6. You will now see a list of the pages available be sure to move them around and check the pages you want to appear and save.

As advised before if you are not sure what pages to create for your new blog, make sure you have a contact me page with a means by which your readers may get in contact with you. A Policy page concerning the website and users interaction and the data that is collected and last but not least a about page so users can know who is behind the website and put a face to the man or at least know a little more about you.

Remember those applying for adsense will not get in without these basic pages and other stuff that you will need to learn more about adsense approval see: Get approved for adsense anywhere in the world.

That's it friends any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment below, I will respond to each and every one. 

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