Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Uninstall Apps and clear cache and data on your Android phone?

Uninstall Apps and clear cache and data Android
Have complete control over your Apps and your private data.

When you know your way around Android similar to a windows PC there are several nifty features that you can perform that will not only increase your privacy but also help in getting rid of unwanted programs.

If for some reason you keep getting lost in the Android interface it is my hope that we will be able to help you find your way again.

What will we be showing you to do?

We will be showing you how to uninstall any installed app and how to perform the following functions:
-Clear an Apps Cache.
-Clear data
-Move an app to SD Card (Without third party software)
-Force stop an Application

How can I use this in everyday life?

1. You can use this to uninstall any installed app,especially those downloaded from the Play Store.
2. Clear cache or data can be used to wipe your personal info from an app, useful if you want to clear personal info you had entered in an app that might be used by other persons after you, for some reason.
3. Moving Apps to SD card is useful when you want to do a little house cleaning and probably manage your programs and free up space on your device.
4. Every now or again you may also find that you have an app that just refuses to close, in this case force close will shut it down for you.

How to uninstall and app and more?

1. From your Android home screen tap on the Menu button and settings.

2. From the settings screen select the fourth tab that says: More.

3. On the more tab select: Application Manager.

4. You will now see a list of all your download apps, simply find the one you want and select it or swipe over to see apps from: SD Card,Running apps or all apps on your device.

5. Once you have found the app that you want to manage simply click on it you should see the control settings.

6. From here you will be able to perform all the functions outlined above including: uninstalling apps, force stop, clear cache and data.

Remember to think carefully before uninstalling apps and never uninstall critical stuff you might need. Furthermore clearing data or cache will cause data and progress in games to be lost so only clear your data if this is your intention or simply to remove personal information.

Comments are always welcomed and best of all it shows others the way, so lets share in the comments and grow as a community.

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