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Affordable unique Holiday Gifts for men That will make them go GaGa

Men's gift ideas

Do you think shopping for guys is impossible? or do you rock your brain and the only thing you come up with is a neck tie or a sock? well guys are quite easy to shop for if you know what to look for and there are always tale tale signs, but there are gifts ideas that will make any guys go nuts and wonder if you are Jedi mind reader.

So if you are challenged in the gift ideas department or you are Just drawing blanks as to the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. Then follow us through our hand picked selection of items that's sure to blow his mind this holiday, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion.

Men's gift ideas
Hit the mark this holiday season

#1: Whisky Stones Ice Melts.

Men's gift ideas
Put some magic into his holiday.

Speaking of unique gifts maybe your guy is a avid drinker and a mans-man or the casual spirits and wines type then get him a set of Ice cubes that will last forever, talk about the ultimate symbolic gesture of love. And by the way these are not ice cubes but rocks that chill spirits and other beverages all without the need for refrigeration.

So for once he can offer his friends scotch on the rocks and literally full fill the request. The best thing about the Whisky Stones Ice Melts is that unlike ice cubes that eventually melt, these will not mess with the dilution of your drink. The pack comes with a set of nine. 

For more details or purchasing.

#2: Invicta Men's Watch.

Men's gift ideas

Invicta Men's 6620 II Collection Stainless Steel Watch

Invicta Makes great men's watches and the best thing I like about these watches is that they feature great design, cool features and are built from solid materials.You can almost never go wrong with a good men's watch, men love watches especially cool time pieces like the Invicta lines of watches.

So you might think he does not like watches as he never wears one, but think about it did he ever say so? I did not wear a watch for years until my girlfriend got me one, why you may ask? well never got around to getting one (lol) and now I cant leave the house without my watch on my wrist.

One of the tricks in buying for men is to find functional gift things he will love and never forget so for those women who refuse to buy certain things(eg. Gadgets) as they think there special someone might love that item more than them,on the contrary ladies you man will always look at that item and remember you who gave him the gift. Too many women try to apply female logic to a simple men's gift shopping and fail horribly at it, men are simple, when he loves a gift you will not have to ask if he does. 

#3: Money Clip Wallet

Men's gift ideas
Y&G Money clip wallet

I recently got one of these and let me tell you what a step up from the traditional wallet this is, I love it so much, In the past I would leave the house and forget my wallet at times -not any more I always remember my wallet now as its so stylish and just a fun and a breeze to carry around.
You can check out the full review we did of this item here or purchase this great gift here.

#4: Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Phone

Men's gift ideas
Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ultimate gift if you are thinking of going all out and getting your special person a good that will totally blow is mind this holiday season. If he is a tech guy this will only drive the nail home even more. Trust me with the smart phone market becoming more Android dominated, the Galaxy S4 is becoming the ultimate phone to own for those who are willing to spend the cash, but for what you get in return is one of the most capable devices on the market today that's well worth the price.

#5: Value Tablet that Packs A Killer Punch

Men's gift ideas
The Asus Memopad HD 7 inch

The Asus MeMoPad HD 7 is one of the most under priced pieces of tech on the market right now. Why do we say that? for the minimal price you receive a quad core tablet (4 cores) that able to destroy any game or application on android right now. If you would like to know exactly what I mean check out this performance test video we did recently: 

Ultimately this would make a great gift for that Guy in your life, he will not be disappointed and best of all the tablet is super affordable.

#6: Man Cave Sign

Men's gift ideas
Man Cave
Men love their personal space and I am sure you have found your corner of the house that you or your significant other has dubbed the: "Man Cave", trust me we all have one in one way or another it's our getaway spot to hang with the boys and just keep it the way we like. 
Well if a simple thoughtful gift is all you are seeking the Man Cave Sign Post is perfect and just unique enough to make that special guy remember you whenever he is in that special place even if it's just a little bit.

#7: Jewelry

Men's gift ideas
Men's Jewelry

Men like jewelry especially those that match their sense of fashion or style, now not all men do but for the majority there is nothing cooler than a chain or other accessory to wear when ones out and on the go or just partying.
Men's gift ideas
Men's Chain

#8: For the Music Lover-Ipod touch

Men's gift ideas
5th Gen Ipod

The Fifth generation of iPod's are not only the coolest things in the market for those who just can't stop listening to their favorite jams on the go, it also doubles as a portable gaming and apps haven for the latest and greatest games around.
Be sure to pick up a case as an accessory so as to prevent the new shiny device from being scratched up with use here.

#9: Beats Solo HD
Men's gift ideas
If you have not heard of them Beats brand of head phones are by far one of the most popular head sets out there that are easily recognized, although you pay a premium and most think they are overpriced they do come with a sort of status symbol and are very cool. So if your guys the type this would be a hands down winner as a gift.

Check the out here for more details.

#10: Pre-order or Grab one of the Hottest Next Gen Consoles

Men's gift ideas
Xbox one
With the looming release of the Xbox one and the PS4 depending on your boyfriends or spouses preference in consoles this is one that sure to blow is mind and knock is socks off. That is if you are able to snag one of these as a pre-order or position this item as a gift after launch your choice.

If none of the following gift are to your liking then you can use our secret weapon, find out more by clicking here.

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