Saturday, October 5, 2013

Y&G Metal Clip wallets fits everything snugly and in style.

Recently I looked at my wallet and shrugged as the unit itself was getting a little fat for my taste and by fat I do not mean it was filled with cash, but it was getting a little too big for my personal preference as the number of Credit Cards, ATM, Debit and ID Cards was increasing and my wallet did not feel like a wallet as it once did.
Best modern wallet
Wallet Overload!!

In fact the very sight was disgusting me and I thought to myself there must be a better solution for holding my cash and the many cards that I have that need a home. So then I went hunting and came across what I deem one of the best if not the best solution for those seeking a compact, sturdy and well designed modern wallet that both functional and flexible.

Introducing the Metal clip wallet from Y&G:

Best modern wallet
Y&G Metal Clip Wallet

Metal Money Clip Wallet 15 Card Holder and Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet By Y&G 

Best modern wallet

Brown Black Metal Money Clip Wallet  Pocket Wallet

The edition we will be using as reference for this review is the unit I bought which is the 

YCC1002 Brown Black metal money clip wallet.

Colour options:

This beautiful wallet by Y&G comes in a variety of colours which are named based on their internal and external colours, which include:
Each of the unique colour combinations leads to a unique looking unit that can be tailed to your preference or colour schemes, I went with the darker colour as I find them less likely to show wear in most cases than other colours.


This wallet is filed with features that are both functional and practical, this includes:-
1. Massive 15 card carrying capacity.
2. Stainless steel money clip which can be detached if desired.
3. Constructed from fine leather and well tailored.

The wallet

The Y&G metal clip wallet is a true modern day marvel and features some of the best craftsmanship I have seen on a wallet, best of all it features a modern compact and efficient look that is missing from the traditional wallet. If you are seeking a new wallet why not step away from the old school and into the new with the metal money clip wallet.


The wallet is constructed from leather that feels premium in nature and based on the stitching its evident that care was taken in the manufacturing of these wallets. On scanning the unit up and down not a single stitch was out of place or over lapped the fine guide path the needle work was on. 
The interior was smooth and unlike the outer exterior which is build to be more rugged the inner folds are soft and very smooth to the touch.


The unit is lightweight and feels nice to the touch. I like it so much that every five or so minutes I take it up just to play with the unit and wonder how I ever got through a day doing business without it.

Ease of Access

The Y&G wallet features some of the best easy non restricting access I have ever seen, it literally takes me a second to whip it out and another to effortlessly scroll through my portfolio of cards and ID's, find what i want to use and replace it with relative ease. Try that with the traditional wallet and see how you would do, I could even give my self a late start and still beat a person with a traditional wallet with ease.

The money clip

The money clip was a welcomed addition and was implemented in a very nice manner. Its attached by default to the wallet and cash can be fixed to the wallet without fear of it falling out one bit. 
The unit is also flexible as the money clip which is very firm can be detached and used as a stand alone money clip. 


The unit features a ten (10) plastic card case holder which if you are smart can be used to hold twenty by placing two card in one of the slots and a additional five compartments for credit cards build through out the unit.

My wallet totally loving it!

Best modern wallet
Y&G Packaging

Best modern wallet
Brown/Black edition

Best modern wallet

Best modern wallet

Best modern wallet


With the Y&G wallets you are getting the best of both worlds: a money clip and a modern wallet all wrapped into a sleek design which will be sure to catch ever ones eyes when you pull your wallet out to make a purchase.

We recommend that you pick up this wallet from Amazon as they usually have the best prices and the options to boot.

Purchase your Y&G wallets here


  1. This really is a nice looking wallet. It's really stylish and affordable. I also prefer the darker colours otherwise with a little usage it could end up looking too dirty. I'm going to have a look on Amazon UK to see the different prices. This would make a wonderful gift too. Thanks for the info.

    1. Totally Agree @Rum Punch Drunk- this would make for a great gift for Guy or a Dad, trust me my wallet is totally organised now and its a breeze to find stuff. Furthermore its so well made I get excited just using it.


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